We are extremely excited to announce Rivalry’s latest addition to its product and marketing team, a man who needs no introduction but could use a course on basic arithmetics: Gabe Logan Newell, formerly of Microsoft and a little-known gaming company known as Valve, will work on clicker games and customer support to ensure an unforgettable betting experience for fans around the world.

Our goal at Rivalry is to continuously innovate in the esports betting scene and to find new ways to elevate the fans’ experience when watching their favorite players and teams compete in the servers. Since Dota 2 and CS:GO play such a huge part in the ecosystem and produce some of the most exciting storylines and the hypest of moments, it made sense to strengthen our team with the man who’s played a significant part in the growth and development of those gabes. I mean games.

Though it may seem like it was surprisingly easy to pry Mr. Newell away from Valve, we’d like to strongly dispute any rumors about kickbacks and midlife crises. Gabe has expressed great interest in our product and his values match our company ethos as well. (We also like to be late with stuff, at least those of us on the written content side of things!) He expressed his desire to end his tenure on a high after releasing yet another groundbreaking and successful Half-Life title, and also to climb the ladder once again. “I have a newfound interest in the lean approach” – he said at his job interview, instantly convincing us about the seriousness of his application.

“We are extremely excited to welcome Gabe on board and we honestly still can’t 100% believe we’ve pulled off this coup” – said Kevin Wimer, CMO of Rivalry. “His unmatched experience in the world of esports and gaming will serve both him and us incredibly well as he helps out with CIS customer support and provides bug reports for our in-development projects on Fridays.”