Playing DOTA 2 can sometimes be a little bit confusing, especially if you’re a new player and aren’t used to the mechanics yet. Even though the hotkeys are looking much simpler the first time you see it, the more you understand the game, the more you know how complicated it could be.  

Sometimes, using the default settings can also make things much more inconvenient, especially if you’re trying to higher up your rank or aiming to become a professional. It’s common knowledge that every player must have their unique settings.

Because of that, many professional players usually will have their own unique settings based on their gameplay, because depending on their role settings each player will have significant differences, however, looking up and understanding some pro players settings could also help you to better hold the grip of your setup.
For that reason, here is how Erin Jasper “Japoy” Ferrer or also known for his IGN as Yopaj, Midlaner from BOOM Esports set up his Hotkeys Settings and Controls.

Yopaj’s DOTA 2 Hotkeys Settings

As you might know, hotkeys settings are the very fundamental gameplay of Dota 2, it's the way you cast your spell, skills, or useable item in the game, or to put it simply it's the means to control your Hero. 

When first opening the game, you will have the default settings set up for you, at first you will have a quick-cast spell as well as the hotkeys and default gameplay settings, but even though you still can play with it, having your settings will be a huge help for you to have a better performance in the game.

For Yopaj, it's best for him to use the legacy keybind helps him to be more used to the game since he already played DOTA before DOTA 2 came out. In his opinion, using modern default settings will make him confused while playing and simply doesn't suit his playstyle.
As for the example, Yopaj explained that he is more liked to use the normal-cast instead of the quick-cast option for the hotkeys, he said that it gives him a little bit more control over the abilities in-game as well as having more accuracy while using it.

However, in his opinion he thinks that for this one, it depends on the player, each type has its advantage, and it really up the one who playing it to pick which suits his playstyle.
His hotkeys are set-up as shown below:

As for the action keys, in his opinion, it really depends on the setup and preference of each player, like the mouse, keyboard, and which key they are most comfortable with.
Unfortunately, there is no further explanation for this, except that it is complicated, it also takes time and experience to choose the key you like for each command, so we recommend you to take your time and use the default settings in the meantime.

But for reference, you can see his Action Keys set-up as shown below:

Yopaj DOTA 2 Controls Settings

For Yopaj he didn’t use any exceptional settings besides his Auto-Repeat Right Mouse settings, in his opinion, helps him to creep a little easier since he doesn’t need to click it every time, it also gives him a little bit more time to do anything else while still keeping an eye on his farm.

As you can see from the image above, Yopaj didn’t use any particular settings on his setup and decided to stick on the basic that suits him more and focus on that. Which makes him hold a better grip on his setup.


It's really important to understand the fundamental of the settings before you try them and decide which suits you more, sometimes even though some settings work for the others it doesn’t always mean that it works for you.