After seeing the great Karl maligned (augmented? enhanced?) by a snapchat filter, it seemed time to take a deep dive into the snapchat filters behind some of our favorite pros. What would suit them best? Does their personality best fit with the classic options? With new ears and chibi faces? Or would they thrive with filters that leave their faces untouched, but add... a little something extra. Let's take a look!

Puppey, dendi, and kuroky

Classic Filters for a Classic Combo


While the old man face isn't exactly a classic filter (or even originally on Snapchat), it rocketed to popularity so quickly, we feel like it has become one of the classics. Who is a more perfect model for this filter other than Puppey? (Fear doesn't count, he's old already). Team Secret has become to training regimen for molding less experienced players into Major winning champions, with experienced and wise Puppey sculpting them until he sets them free into the wilds of Dota.

The only more fitting filter would be of Yoda, and it seems like the internet is to obsessed with the baby version to give us back our Yoda filter anytime soon.


Considered one of, if not the most, iconic Dota players - Dendi's cheery disposition earns him the most classic of all Snapchat filters - the dog ears and nose. Can't you just see the tongue rolling out as he gangnum style dances across the stage?


With those serious eyes and stern shoulders, you might think Kuroky has some devil in him. But how could anyone see too much evil in the TI winning legend? He deserves such a confusing filter, especially after this little bit of insight from Blitz...

Iceiceice, xiao8, and duster snapchat

Welcome to the Ears Club


A wildcard like Iceiceice deserves a wildcard filter. Some of you out there might know what animal this is, but our internal polling couldn't even begin to figure it out. The ears are too pointy to be a panda, no whiskers to mark them as cat ears (although this seems most likely), the wrong colors for a raccoon - the debated raged on. Just like Ice, this filter could convince people it is a lot of different things. Hopefully Kaci doesn't have to do any interviews with this one...


The Director is the second member of our ears club. We had to pick the floppiest pair - exactly how many times has he retired and come back to playing again? (Hint: It's a lot).


You might remember Duster as the pink haired pride of Brazil. While we picked a non pink picture here, no matter the hair we know exactly which filter he should embody. He proved just how kawaiiiiiiii he was again and again on The Summit couch. Pink hair or not, he fits into the cute bear ears and big glasses any day.

Notail, arteezy, and zai

The Prettiest of Filters


We had one more member of the ears club - and while the classic flower crown may seem like the obvious choice, it seemed that the flower like ears suited BigDaddy Notail even more. The fluffy edges are reminiscent of a dandelion ready to be used for wish making, with gold sparkle there to make your dreams come true. What more can we say about the two time back to back TI champion other than that?


Okay okay, so we probably should have picked a baby filter here. But for a man who played as Allison for so long - how could we not show off the gender switching filter that went through mass popularity several months ago?


The Swedish sweetheart has been the subject of numerous Reddit threads and broadcast comments - and he remains shy and reserved through it all. Just look at that infectious smile - how could you not pick a filter that dances hearts across his face?

happy Zai