Dota2 New Items - December 2018 Update

We'll keep you updated with all the Dota2 New Items, changes and releases as they come in. The December 19th update of Dota brought along the Frosthaven game mode, a cooperative experience where a team of five are tasked with protecting the Frostivus Tree for fifteen rounds.

Special consumable items were introduced in the update to fit the festivities, including a pile of snowballs, Snowman Noses, Tree Decorations and Festive Firework. Tango, Animal Courier, Flying Courier, Some of Deceit, Bottle, Magic Stick, Magic Wand, Hand of Midas, Divine Rapier and Helm of the Dominator are disabled in this mode.

Rubick’s Arcana, The Magus Cypher was also released as part of this event: it changes colors based on the spells Rubick steals during the match. The increase on the win counter adds signatures to each of the 115 different abilities.