It was a tale of two halves and just a little bit more as DreamEaters almost failed to capitalize on a strong start against NRG, failing to close out a 15-6 lead in regulation against the North American side but making up for it in overtime.

The StarLadder Major began with two upsets as NRG and Vitality both failed to deal with what seemed like softball opposition at first sight, but it's NRG who might be kicking themselves even more about the way it all went down. They clawed their way back from a situation where they were nine match points down, only to drop the ball in overtime to DreamEaters.

The CIS side raced to a 5-0 lead at the start of the series, prompting an early timeout call from stanislaw. The rest of the half was fairly even from that point on (though NRG still had to rely on the occasional one-man heroics from CeRq), and after the North Americans secured the pistol round on the CT side, it seemed like order was being restored. Instead, DreamEaters posted five in a row, taking a 15-6 lead lead – only to fail to make their mark in regulation.

Again, you would have been forgiven for thinking that DreamEaters would then completely crumble in overtime, but they even had the mental fortitude to keep going after CeRq did this:

Once again, the lower bracket of the major is shaping up to be a nightmare for all involved.

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