Escape from Tarkov, a hardcore and immersive first-person shooter developed by Battlestate Games, has taken the gaming community by storm with an intensity to rival FPS games like CS:GO.

Set in the fictional Norvinsk region, this online multiplayer game provides an intense and authentic experience of survival in a war-torn city. Central to the gameplay are the meticulously crafted maps, which offer diverse environments and challenges. With new EFT wipes offering a fresh slate for new and old players, the one thing that stays consistent are the maps and their extraction points.

Navigating Escape from Tarkov maps can be difficult and overwhelming for new players. While the maps will likely all be connected in the future, for now they are all considered separate entities. There are nine EFT maps in total, some of which are are extremely large in scale. Getting turned around and lost is just one factor players will need to worry about, with potential enemies hot on their tail at any given time.

Keep reading to discover the details on each Escape from Tarkov map, their unique characteristics, and their extraction points.

All Escape from Tarkov maps

  • Customs
  • Interchange
  • Factory
  • Lighthouse
  • Reserve
  • Shoreline
  • Streets of Tarkov
  • The Lab
  • Woods


The Customs terminal is considered one of the most iconic maps in Escape from Tarkov. It's the central industrial park land of Tarkov, serving as the primary battle ground for players. Customs houses fuel storage facilities, offices, dorms, and other infrastructure that players can loot for goodies. Characterized by a mix of wide, open areas, and tight alleyways, Customs is a hotbed of activity and intense PvP action.

Key landmarks and callouts in Customs are "The Old Gas Station," the "Dorms," and "Construction Site." This medium map can host 9-12 PMC players, with raids lasting 40 minutes.

Customs Extraction Points

  • Crossroads (near a STOP sign) - Used by everyone
  • RUAF Roadblock - Used by everyone.
  • Trailer Park
  • Dorms V-Ex - Costs 5,000 Roubles to use the SUV.
  • Railroad to Tarkov
  • Warehouse 17
  • Factory Shacks
  • Warehouse 4
  • Administration Gate
  • Scav Checkpoint
  • Military Base CP

Mastering the Customs map as a new player is essential, as it often serves as a gateway to later maps and other quests, with many of the early-game quests taking place here.


The Interchange map is a key transport location for Tarkov. This strategic area connects the port and harbor to the industrial parts of the city. The huge Ultra Shopping Mall is a multi-plex shopping district, brimming with valuable items and other commercial facilities.

Navigating this labyrinthian layout can be confusing, and it is all too easy for players to get ambushed by another squad, so keep your eyes peeled and hearing honed in! The Mall hosts tons of different rooms and corners for enemies to hide behind.

It is important for players to know where the nearest extraction points are, in case a quick escape is needed.

Interchange Extraction Points

  • Hole in Fence - Backpack must be removed, or you cannot pass
  • Power Station - Costs players 3,000 Roubles
  • Parking Garage Safe Room - Turn on the Power in the Power Station, flush the toilet in the Burger spot and Swipe Object 11SR keypad to use this Extraction Point
  • Scav Point - Can only be used if a Scav and PMC extract together
  • Emercom Evacuation Checkpoint
  • Railway Exfil


Factory is the smallest EFT map in the game, providing high-stakes action and close-quarters combat in a confined space. This map hosts just 4-6 PMC players during quick 15-minute raids.

As the name suggests, Factory is an industrial park land with tight corridors, offering no places to hide and forcing players to confront opponents head-on. Factory is considered one of the hardest maps in the game and not recommended for beginners due to its frequent PvP encounters and challenging map design.

Factory Extraction Points

  • Gate 3
  • Gate 0 - Requires Factory Key
  • Cellars (PMC only) - Requires Factory Key
  • Office Window (Scav only)
  • Camera Bunker


Lighthouse is the eighth map to be introduced to Escape from Tarkov, and the only map to include the Rogues faction, who guard the water treatment plant facilities for USEC. The Rogues will open fire on BEARs players immediately but will give USEDC players a free pass, unless they get too close.

Lighthouse can host 9-12 players in one go, but with the amount of hostile enemies to keep track of, like Rogues, snipers, and bosses, players will need to memorize all the possible Extraction Points.

Lighthouse Extraction Points

  • Armored Train
  • Mountain Pass
  • Northern Checkpoint
  • Path to Shorekine
  • Industrial Zone Gates
  • Scan Hideout
  • Southern Road
  • Southern Road Landslide


The Reserve Escape from Tarkov map transports players to the Norvinsk military base, which is home to valuable loot and supplies to out-last an all-out nuclear war. While the outside of Reserve is easy to navigate, things become more complicated as players venture into the heart of the action, with Scav raiders waiting to snipe your head off from distant roofs.

Patience is key on the Reserve, as many of the Extraction Points on Reserve require activation steps before they can be used.

Reserve Extraction Points

  • Bunker Hermetic Door
  • Cliff Descent
  • Scav Lands
  • Armored Train (Arrives 25-30 minutes into the raid)
  • Sewer Manhole (No backpack equipped)


Shoreline's main area of interest is the Azure Coast health resort, featuring several luxurious buildings and other commercial facilities with tons of interesting goodies. The resort is powered by a nearby hydroelectric power plant and has the tantalizing promise of exciting loot.

The Shoreline area also features modern private housing, agricultural fields, a weather station, a partially abandoned village, and long stretches of coast. The "Village," "Swamp," and "Pier" are popular landmark callouts used by players. Due to the sheer number of different areas and map size, Shoreline is one of the most dynamic maps in EFT and extracting can be a point of contention.

Shoreline Extraction Points

  • Pier Boat
  • Road to Customs
  • Rock Passage
  • Tunnels
  • Lighthouse
  • Ruined Road
  • Admin Basement
  • South Fence Passage

Streets of Tarkov

Streets of Tarkov is the newest map to be added to Escape from Tarkov and is proving to be a popular addition, with tons of hotels, high-rise building, vantage points, and all the other amenities for players to loot.

This map can be deadly, with more verticality than ever, players will need to have their wits about them if they hope to extract safely.

Streets of Tarkov Extraction Points

  • Collapsed Crane
  • Courtyard
  • Damage House
  • Evacuation Zone
  • Scav Checkpoint
  • Underpass
  • Klimov Street
  • Sewer River

The Lab

Without a doubt, The Lab map is the hardest in Escape from Tarkov and is fraught with danger lurking around every turn. This map can hold 8-10 PMC players and a whole host of AI scavs and bosses - this map was designed for the most advanced players with end-game gear.

Every raid in The Lab will last around 35 minutes. Players should be aware that all items they lose at this location will be lost, regardless of whether they have insurance or not, so players should plan their Extraction carefully.

The Lab Extraction Points

  • Hangar Gate
  • Main Elevators
  • Cargo Elevator
  • Parking Gate
  • Medical Block Elevator
  • Sewage Conduit
  • Ventilation Shaft


The Priozersk Natural Reserve recently became part of the state-protected wildlife reserves of the North Western Federal District. This area houses tons of cover and dense woodland - the perfect hunting ground for snipers. Raids in the Woods last 25 minutes, containing anything between 8-14 player at any time.

Due to the thick forestry, this map can be difficult for players to get to grips with, especially where all the trees look the same and players can easily get turned around and lost. u

Woods Extraction Points

  • Cliff Descent
  • Dead Man's Place
  • Factory Gate
  • East Gate
  • Outskirts
  • Old Stations
  • South V-Ex
  • UN Roadblock
  • The Boat
  • ZB-014
  • ZB-016


Escape from Tarkov's maps offer a diverse and immersive experience for players seeking thrilling survival challenges. From the urban battleground of Customs to the dense forests of Woods, each map provides unique opportunities and dangers.

As you venture into the unknown and into dangerous territories, remembering that mastering map knowledge and knowing Extraction Points are critical to survival. Stay vigilant and enjoy the andrenalaine rush that Escape from Tarkov maps have to offer - good luck on your future raids!