We were in awe at some of the cosplay at ESL One Birmingham, we had to make an appreciation post. Check out some of these epic outfits and the people behind them!

Mirana Cosplay ESL One Birmingham

First up we have the Mirana cosplay by 'blackHydrus'. She is a huge Dota 2 fan and likes to cosplay as Dota characters.

Luna Cosplay ESL One Birmingham

Up next, we have 'rehabCosplay' who dressed as the character Luna from Dota 2. The detail on her armour is incredible, resulting in a 2nd place win for her!

Sven Cosplay ESL One Birmingham

This was a clear winner for the competition. 'Tanakht' bagged first place for his cosplay with Sven, we couldn't disagree! He also got to deliver the Mercedes Benz MVP trophy at ESL One Birmingham, he was pretty chuffed with that!

QOP Cosplay ESL One Birmingham

Next up on the list was this epic cosplay by Markét Kopecká. She's a huge Game of Thrones fan but enjoys some Dota 2 on the side!

Willow Cosplay ESL One Birmingham

Last but not least was the Willow Dota 2 cosplay by Ninjasmin. She managed to grab third place with this; Well deserved!

That's a wrap from us and definitely some of the best Dota 2 cosplay we've ever seen. Make sure you leave in the comments who you thought was the best cosplayer!