Quincy Crew Struggles at ESL One Hamburg

ESL has always boasted high tier events with an impressive field of teams - so the group stages have never been a walk in the park for any roster. This time around, it’s not the Dota that seems to be a threat to a roster doing well as Quincy Crew struggles to even present a LAN roster. 

Following their qualification for the Beyond The Summit Minor, SumaiL leaves the roster. The initial reason stated is discomfort with his role, however Jack ‘LBBQ’ Chen (team manager) also stated there were legal issues affecting SumaiL’s ability to play on the roster. 

While these issues could be a variety of legal reasons, speculation has seemed to land heavily on contract requirements from Evil Geniuses - especially considering that SumaiL is continuing to associate with Quincy Crew, going with them to ESL One Hamburg, but not to play. 

To SumaiL or to not SumaiL - That is the Question

Quincy Crew continue to face challenges when id player CCnC fell ill and was unable to compete, forcing them to forfeit a series while at a LAN. ESL stated that QC couldn’t field a full roster, despite SumaiL being at the tournament. 

While QC forfeit this first series, they played out their next series with SumaiL as a stand in, raising questions as to what changed?

As CCnC’s health status is unknown (and hopefully he is okay), it looks like SumaiL will be standing in for him for the tournament in his old mid position. Why is he suddenly playing with Quincy Crew after they forfeit the first series? Is this really a fit issue, or are legal issues the main problem? Will SumaiL’s return to mid put CCnC’s role in danger? 

We’re only a couple days in, and ESL One Hamburg is already proving to be exciting both in and outside of the game. 

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