Arguably, this is the first “real” event on the CS:GO calendar after the major, and three of the current top four in the HLTV rankings are all present in New York to duke it out for the second title of Intel Grand Slam Season 3. Disappointingly, the opening matches are broadcasted simultaneously, so difficult viewing choices have to be made. Here are our predictions for the first day of the event:

Team Liquid vs eUnited – 11:00 EDT / 17:00 CEST

Though the world #1 side failed to win the major, they still come into this event as the favorites and there’s little to suggest that eUnited can stand in their way in a best-of-three series. Unlike some of the other minnows in the scene, they’ve never really made waves at international LANs, suggesting that not even the domestic rivalry aspect can factor in enough for a surprise result here.

Bet on Team Liquid @ 1.11

G2 vs ENCE – 11:00 EDT / 17:00 CEST

Both of these teams are in transition, trying to deal with roster changes off the back of different degrees of disappointment at the Berlin major. We haven’t yet seen this G2 compete anywhere, and if the rumors are true, they may very well go international soon, so they are likely going to play a very loose style in New York. How does that match up with a tactics-based side which seems to have lost its mojo after kicking their IGL? Seeing how poor ENCE were in Moscow, we’re going to take the Frenchmen for this one.

Bet on G2 @ 2.18

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Astralis vs OpTic – 14:35 EDT / 20:35 CEST

We’ll throw a curveball your way for this one, just like how Astralis did the same to Liquid at the major. OpTic are much better than their stature would imply, it’s a domestic derby and gla1ve and co. have a tendency to start out slow at events. Is this enough to convince you to take a punt on the massive upset? It may very well be worth a shot.

Bet on OpTic @ 6.51

FaZe Clan vs NRG – 14:35 EDT / 20:35 CEST

This one could really swing based on whether the oft-rumored coldzera signing gets confirmed in time for the opening match. Still, NRG are red hot coming off their impressive showing at the major and the constant chops and changes to FaZe’s roster won’t promote any sort of tactical cohesion. Watch for the roster move though to see how it affects the odds! It might be worth it to wait a little while before placing a bet on the North Americans – and if you want the highest returns for a bet on FaZe, you should probably get going as soon as possible.

Bet on NRG @ 1.42

Photo credit: HLTV

Odds are subject to change.