Astralis have a chance to pull away from the pack in Group A as Fnatic continue to make up ground after their shaky start at the Road to Rio. Can these teams rise to the challenge as the rest are also battling for points? In CIS, we're still only looking at the second round of games - but over in NA, EG need to begin a comeback sooner rather than later, and today marks the first step in doing so.

ESL One Road to Rio - CIS matches

Prediction: Gambit Youngsters

Prediction: Winstrike

Prediction: Team Spirit

ESL One Road to Rio - Europe matches

Prediction: Astralis

Prediction: NiP

Prediction: Fnatic

ESL One Road to Rio - North America matches

Prediction: Cloud9

Prediction: EG

ESL One Road to Rio stream

You can check out the main broadcast below (you can find the B stream at and the C stream at, big surprise,