The opening day of the ESL Pro League Season 10 finals features the only best-of-one matches in the event, using the now-familiar ESL format with double-elimination groups and a playoff bracket with six teams where the group winners directly get a seed in the semi-final. Thanks to some quirks with the seeding, we’ll get the chance to watch some top teams going up against one another even on the opening day of the tournament. You can find the day 1 schedule of ESL Pro League Season 10 finals below. It is a tight one: the teams in Group A will have to play their elimination matches and the first round in the upper bracket on the opening day.

Group A opening matches

Na’Vi vs TYLOO – 12:00 CET / 06:00 EDT

FaZe Clan vs MIBR – 12:00 CET / 06:00 EDT

Heroic vs 100Thieves – 13:15 CET / 07:15 EDT

Fnatic vs Evil Geniuses – 13:15 CET / 07:15 EDT

Group B opening matches

Astralis vs Grayhound – 14:30 CET / 08:30 EDT

G2 vs Sharks – 14:30 CET / 08:30 EDT

mousesports vs ATK – 15:45 CET / 9:45 EDT

North vs Team Liquid – 15:45 CET / 9:45 EDT

Group A elimination matches

Elimination match #1 (bo3) – 17:00 CET / 11:00 EDT

Elimination match #2 (bo3) – 20:35 CET / 14:35 EDT

Group A upper bracket round 2 matches

Upper bracket round 2 match #1 (bo3) – 17:00 CET / 11:00 EDT

Upper bracket round 2 match #2 (bo3) – 20:35 CET / 14:35 EDT

Photo credit: HLTV

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