It's time to finalize the playoff brackets in Odense as ten teams remain in contention for the six slots in the Jyske Bank Arena. The teams in the upper bracket are "only" playing for a bye, a victory catapulting them directly to the semi-final. Meanwhile, those stuck in the lower bracket are battling for survival, and even if they make it through the slog, they will have to win a quarter-final as well. The most exciting match is definitely the one between Astralis and Team Liquid, the Group A upper bracket match which wouldn't look out of place in the grand final either.

Upper bracket matches (for playoff seeds)

Natus Vincere vs Evil Geniuses – 15:35 CET / 09:35 EDT

Astralis vs Team Liquid – 19:10 CET / 13:10 EDT

Group A lower bracket match (winner goes to playoff)

100 Thieves vs Fnatic – 15:35 CET / 09:35 EDT

Group B lower bracket matches

mousesports vs Renegades* – 12:00 CET / 06:00 EDT

ATK vs G2 – 12:00 CET / 06:00 EDT

Winner of the previous two matches (winner goes to playoff) – 19:10 CET / 13:10 EDT

*Renegades is the ex-Grayhound roster: the former Renegades team is playing under the 100Thieves banner. Confusing, I know.

Photo credit: HLTV