After two upset-laden quarterfinals with excellent performances from the underdogs, the stage is set for some truly mouth-watering encounters in the semi-finals in Odense. On one side of the bracket, it's an old rivalry between Fnatic and Na'Vi, and on the other side, it's karrigan's revenge mission against the world-beating fellow Danes of Astralis.

Natus Vincere vs Fnatic - 16:00 CET / 10:00 EDT

This has been by far the best we've seen Na'Vi play with their current lineup, but Fnatic are growing into the event at a rapid pace and were irresistible against Liquid. We're taking the Swedes for this one.

Bet on Fnatic @ 2.00

Astralis vs mousesports - 19:50 CET / 13:50 EDT

It's the best team in the world against the best-playing team yesterday. As it turns out, mouz's 16-0 domination over EG on Nuke was so comprehensive they were taken for a drug test. Endless meme potential aside, that's a good approximation for how well they've been playing, everyone fragging out at the same time. They will likely need to hit similar heights to have a chance against gla1ve's men, and though we do believe they're more likely to win, the odds are so skewed in their direction we'll recommend a punt on the upset result.

Bet on mousesports @ 4.00