We have put together an esports betting guide for beginners. You will learn some quick and easy tips to help improve your chance of winning. We will also teach you some of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Here's an excerpt from the beginning of the guide:

What to Expect

While this guide is primarily written for complete noobs who have never bet before, there is plenty of useful information even if you’re a betting expert.

We’ll start you off by letting you know what makes betting on esports so awesome as well as the risks associated with wagering. From there, we’ll break down the basics: odds and payouts. Once you’ve got a grip on these simple concepts we’ll take off the training wheels and jump into a few more advanced tactics.

Lastly, we’ll let you know the top 5 rookie mistakes bettors make and provide you with strategies to avoid them. By the end of this guide, you’ll be ready to experience how much more fun watching an esports match is when you have a few bucks on the line!

What's All the Hype? Why Mess with Betting?

With the esports industry booming and betting markets emerging, wagering on esports is becoming a popular hobby amongst gamers, gaming enthusiasts and esports fans around the world. The great thing about betting on esports is the simplicity. It’s super easy to get started! All it takes to have a shot at winning some money while watching a match is a few bucks and a bit of background knowledge about the game.

The primary reason to bet on esports is the entertainment value it provides. Watching a match is fun, but sweating it out with a stake in the game is even better. It’s also incredibly cheap entertainment! What was the bill last time you went out for dinner, drinks, and a movie? Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Compare that with placing a $5 bet on a best of 5 match. You’ll be even more engaged in the games and have an increased level of excitement for a full 3-5 hours! Not bad for $5. Oh, and you might even win some money!

After this, we get into the tips, tricks, and mistakes to avoid. Download the full esports betting guide for beginners here.