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January 21st, 2020

The legendary Swedish player has left NiP after seven and a half years, severing all connection with the world-conquering quintet which went 87-0 in the early period of CS:GO.

The end of an era

First, it was Fifflaren. Then came friberg. Next up was Xizt's exit, then GeT_RiGhT got ready to leave. Now the changing of the guard is complete with f0rest's departure, as none of NiP's legendary side dons their jersey for the first time since CS:GO's launch. The team is infamous for their 87-0 streak and were perennial Major contenders in the early period of the game. Their results never really recovered from that point on, though occasional tournament wins like their IEM Oakland titles and other deep runs still served to show off the team's veterancy. In many respects, f0rest is the last man standing from his generation of players, still posting decent numbers and making impressive plays, though the team's poor performance at the StarLadder Berlin Major also coincided with his career-worst performance. He nevertheless ended 2019 with a 1.09 LAN rating per HLTV, suggesting he'll continue to rage against the dying the light in the new decade as well.

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The Swedish veteran is replaced by Plopski's former teammate nawwk, marking the first time in ages that the Ninjas have a dedicated AWPer at their disposal. Meanwhile, f0rest himself has joined his ex-teammates under the Dignitas banner. The legendary NiP side may be no longer present, but with four out of five of the players still active in the scene, their planned reunion is awaited with baited breath by many Counter-Strike fans.

Photo credit: HLTV