Famous Cosplayers Who Don't Play Dota Rate Dota 2 Low Cost Cosplays

In an event starved world, cosplayers have stepped forward to show their cardboard expertise in the great Dota 2 Cospobre movement of South America. But can these cosplayers stand up to the legacy of the low cost Vietnamese Dota 2 cosplays we once revered? It’s time to let our expert judges decide.

These people know everything about cosplay and NOTHING about Dota. Please welcome to the stage Ridd1e, PhDPool, and DJBluePDX as they make the ultimate decision in the finest of shitty Dota 2 cosplays. Will it be the Cospobre of South America, or the low cost vietnamese cosplay of the subreddit of days past that is deemed the BEST that Dota 2 can offer?

All comments all in good fun with love and respect to all cosplayers. Remember, the rules are made up and the points don’t matter - so let’s start assigning some random points! (And all cosplay is awesome, no matter the budget, style, or characters you choose - the judges were all very impressed!)