Saieful "Fbz" Ilham is one of the best Dota players to come out of Indonesia, it could be argued that he is one of the best esports players to come out of the island nation. Ever since he started his esports journey, he has been playing for BOOM Esports. The last 4 years have been very successful for Fbz and he will continue his journey with the Indonesian organization. 

Fbz’s most successful year so far

At the beginning of the offseason it was announced that most of the BOOM Esports roster from 2022 would be entering free agency. While it is not confirmed that these players would leave the team, they are looking at other options. There is a world where some of the players will return to BOOM Esports. Out of all these players, Fbz was the only one not to enter free agency. It is not a surprise considering how well BOOM Esports’ year has been. 

BOOM Esports’ 2022 has been the best season that the organization has had so far. The team was able to win two out of three tours of the Dota Pro Circuit: Southeast Asia, not a small feat considering how strong Southeast Asia has been with teams like Fnatic and Talon. The team was also able to win both GAMERS GALAXY events throughout the year. They even defeated current International 11 champions, Tundra Esports in the finals of the GAMERS GALAXY invitational series Dubai. BOOM Esports was arguably the best team in the world at a time. While they exited The International 11 at 9-12th place, this was the first time that the team received a direct invite to the prestigious tournament. 

For Fbz, he has had one of the best years of his professional career. When he started the year, it felt like there was a moniker of a Marks spammer to his name. That he couldn't play other heroes on a professional level. However, this year he has expanded his hero pool to include heroes like Beastmaster, Death Prophet and Pangolier. He has had stunning performances on Beastmaster specifically, using the hero to eliminate the previous International winners Team Spirit from the lower bracket of the International 11. 

What are the rest of the members of BOOM doing? 

The rest of BOOM are still considered free agents except for Fbz and Yopaj, who are still on the team according to Liquipedia. The only player that is confirmed to be leaving the team is Andrei “Skem” Ong, who officially departed the team today in a video posted on the BOOM Esports Twitter. 

The rest of the team is still unaccounted for. TIMS has not announced what team he will be joining yet. However, there are rumors that there is a new Filipino stack forming with former T1 captain Carlo “Kuku” Palad. However, nothing is confirmed as of this article. JaCcky, the safelane of Boom Esports has also announced that he would be leaving the team and would not be resigning with the team. 

Either way, fans can be rest assured that their favorite BOOM offlaner will be sticking with the team for the upcoming season. Best believe that BOOM Esports will once again contest for the title of best in Southeast Asia and look to achieve heights greater than they achieved this season.