Team Secret’s domination of big Dota events is nothing new to fans of the game, but we wouldn’t fault you for saying a change is in order either. Six grand final wins in a row without dropping a single game? That’s Michael Schumacher/Lewis Hamilton levels of boring dominance. So how could one put a stop to it? We’ve rubbed together our remaining braincells (hey, 2020 took a toll on us, too) and brainstormed a few totally legit ideas to put Puppey’s men down a peg or two.

1) Cut their internet cable

“What a nonsensical idea, how’s that even possible”, I hear you cry – but there’s actual real-life precedent for this pro strat, courtesy of Fierce Tiger from May 2018’s CS:GO Asia Championships. Though their attempts to get an edge over their opposition ended up with a pretty swift disqualification from the tournament, there’s no denying it’s a novel strategy, and if executed better, a forced no-show by Secret in the middle of a raging pandemic could be just the way to beat them outside the server even if you can’t deal with them inside it.

2) Gift Puppey a puppy

If you can’t stop the team from playing, you can still negatively influence the brains behind the operation. For someone like Puppey, you can’t reasonably contest his dedication to the game, so the best you can go for is a short-term distraction. Find the loveliest, most adorable puppy around and hand it over to that dastardly IGL. Maybe it’s enough to make him mess up one draft in a crucial series?

3) It’s in the name, stupid

Then again, the truth could be out there, staring us in the face. A team that relies on secrets requires someone dedicated to bringing them to light. How can you expect to beat them if you have no idea what they’ve been hiding all along? We’ve got business associates, how about Inves1337ative Journalists coming along to reveal Puppey’s machinations?

4) Extend their break indefinitely

Hey, if they’re not playing, there’s no way they can stop you, right? Just ping Cyborgmatt and come to an understanding. Maybe leave the severed head of a Courier in his bed and make an offer he can’t refuse…

5) Ban Broodmother

I mean come on, Liquid, you really should have thought of that #hindsightis2020

6) Just wait until TI

Like magic, the issue will take care of itself at the biggest Dota event in the world, most likely in spectacular fashion, possibly involving OG.