Fixing T2 Dota: It's Simple Math ft. V1lat & Nahaz

Take a breather, refresh, and join us on the Rivalry Cooldown, where we give you the current topics in esports from the experts.

On this episode, we take a look at the DPC as a whole - asking both if the system got the right teams to TI and if the system rewarded teams effectively for their performance throughout the year. From there, we discuss how to address Tier 2 Dota, reward TOs, reintroduce revenue streams, and check in with an expert (V1lat) on what a big tournament NOT in your native language will be like.

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  • 0:30 - Intro
  • 1:15 - Did this DPC system get the right teams to TI?
  • 2:50 - Everyone in CIS was NOT surprised by Gambit
  • 3:41 - "I don't understand why Valve doesn't do LAN qualifiers"
  • 5:30 - Was performance during the season being rewarded in TI? _ Roster rules
  • 8:30 - There has never been a region that was as strong as the rest of the world than Europe this year
  • 9:12 - V1lat "one of the best European teams, Evil Geniuses"
  • 10:30 - Huge difference in T2 skill by region
  • 12:04 - Where do big roster changes happen? At big tournaments.
  • 13:20 - First point - money. Improve the prize pool distribution
  • 15:30 - Second point - formally, there is minimal recognition for orgs in Dota
  • 20:00 - Players get salary bumps for making it TI. The problem is not TI only
  • 28:11 - How well are CIS teams paid?
  • 31:10 - The number of revenue streams in Dota are shrinking
  • 31:02 - Valve are trying to shut betting sponsors out of Dota, NOT CSGO
  • 35:00 - Viewer hours and players drive value for sponsorships
  • 36:00 - How did Winstrike (who got one minor) get a sponsor like Toyota?
  • 36:45 - T2 teams NEED time on camera at smaller tournaments
  • 39:40 - When you say ONLY these events matter for TI, you hamstring everyone from running any other events
  • 40:10 - It is better to run 3 small tournaments than one Epicenter
  • 43:00 - Valve invest less and get more out
  • 45:44 - What would be the unexpected consequences of a better prize pool distribution?
  • 50:40 - How many teams should be able to be supported by full time salaries?
  • 53:10 - Valve support DOES NOT need to be financial
  • 54:15 - Dota would be dead without Liquipedia
  • 57:00 - What it is like for a tournament (Like say, TI9) to be focused on a different broadcasting language? Expectations for TI in Shanghai
  • 1:01:40 - What are Slacks and Kaci going to do at TI in the arena this year!?!

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