0:02 - How have the changes in the team affected your playstyle?

DJ "The change in the team is not about the playstyle. It didn't really change at all because every player right now plays exactly the same and they're just copying what the best player is doing"

Abed "I think i still play the same way, but I feel more comfortable playing with this team for sure. I think it's the way they play. Yeah. It's just more my playstyle. And they're really fun to play with"

0:28 - How does in SEA compare to other regions?

DJ "SEA players tend to be more happy or… I don’t really know the word but, they're more fun to play with."

Abed "I’m pretty confident that we can do well because we trained a lot for this tournament."

DJ "I’m not saying that the western players are boring to play with, just that the sea players are more fun to play with."

0:57 - Who is the most stable player in the team?

Iceiceice "I guess right now the most stable player on the team would be.. I guess everyone is kinda stable right now. There’s actually no one that is really stable. We all have our ups and downs.

I would say we rely on each other quite a bit. There are times when each and every one of us can perform really well right now. It's gonna take a while before we can sorta figure who's the most stable guy"

Mp "Hard to know just by scrims. I’d say DJ… maybe, is a bit more stable than all of us. His downs are lesser than the others."

Iceiceice "Eric is rly stable, he’s never failed to find us scrims and practice. Every single day."

Mp "That’s his job"

Iceiceice "That’s true"

1:37 - How did the team prepare for Kuala Lumpur?

Dj "I think how we prepared for this tournament is just the same as how people and how other teams prepare. We scrim a lot and we just train to be a consistent team."

Jabz "Some days we might scrim at 2/5/7 or sometime only 2 and 5, just depends on that day. After we just play a pub or we play some game together to work better."

2:12 - What do you do when you aren’t bootcamping?

DJ "When we’re not bootcamping, I usually don't play Dota at all. I just like to go out, have some vacation, go on a road trip or drink with my friends. I don't really play Dota 2 until I come back"

Abed "For me it's i spend time with my family."

Jabz "For me it's like i got out with friends or stay in my room and do my own thing. I play CSGO with my friends and most other games, depends on my friends."

2:47 - Any messages for your fans?

Dj "To all the fnatic fans just keep supporting us. We’re gonna try our best to not fail you guys this time. I hope we this tournament."