Fnatic comfortably won the Southeast Asian bracket of the BTS Pro Series, with a flawless group stage display followed by a 7-1 game score during the playoffs. With a 3-0 grand final win over TNC Predator, they've secured themselves the $21 000 prize for first place.

Seventh heaven

It's tough to overstate Fnatic's dominance in the group stage of the competition: the 23savage squad only dropped three games en route to their 7-0 record, beating every single opponent by a comfortable margin. Though the very low ping likely served as an advantage, there's no reason to discount the excellent showing of what is now a clear candidate for the best team in Southeast Asia.

Almost flawless

Apart from that one game lost to BOOM Esports in the upper bracket semis, Fnatic were unstoppable in the playoffs as well. Though TNC managed to claw their way back from a disappointing 4th place in the groups all the way to the grand final, Fnatic's Chen/Pugna setup proved to be unstoppable by their opponents, with two sub-30 minute stomps confiming a quick victory over their biggest regional rivals.

With wins at DOTA Summit 12, ESL One Los Angeles' SEA bracket and now this tournament, it seems like this side has durned a corner after a string of disappointing finishes at the tail end of the previous DPC season and the Chengdu Major.