The Swedish veteran has announced in a TwitLonger that he will not renew his contract with the Danish organization after playing with them for over a year and a half.

Adam Friberg has left Heroic with the expiration of his contract, opting against signing a new one with the org he joined last April after a short stint on OpTic Gaming. With this change, Heroic is likely to go for an all-Danish lineup (especially with mertz still on the bench). He has won Games Clash Masters 2018 and the TOYOTA Master CS:GO Bangkok event with the side.

What’s next for friberg remains to be seen: his TwitLonger indicates that he doesn’t have a specific offer lined up, but the fact that he’s willing to consider international offers as well should mean that he’ll have a fairly easy time finding a new organization.

His last match with Heroic was against Vitality at IEM Chicago where they lost 2-1 mostly due to a rampant individual performance by ZywOo. He was Heroic’s top fragger that series.