The Swedish esports organization announced their signing of the former SMASH lineup (formerly known as NoChance) after a year and a half of dormancy.


Though this is technically the ex-SMASH roster, this squad is better known as the players behind NoChance, the banner under which their core has played for almost a year on an on-and-off basis. Originally, the team consisted of Maikelele, ScreaM, kRYSTAL, nukkye and Radifaction, with SamE in a coaching capacity.

Most projects like these don't tend to survive at all, especially not for this long, and understandably there was a huge turnover in the team over the course of the next few turbulent months. ScreaM ended up at Team GamerLegion before going inactive this March, while frozen came and went as mousesports came knocking. However, STYKO immediately joined as his replacement, first as a stand-in, later as a permanent member. Radifaction is currently on Nordavid, and the short-lived stint of United Kingdom player Thomas this summer saw him move to ex-Epsilon Esports after less than three months.

Finnish player zehN joined the lineup in March, and he was also part of the team's failed experiment with SMASH Esports. That was also the point when Pavle "maden" Bošković joined the side. Though it wasn't revealed at the time, they've only signed a three-month tirial with the org, during which they did not receive a salary. This wasn't even the reason behind their departure: it was the fact that they were also planning to split up the squad, only keeping STYKO alongside the Finn. Instead, they hitched a ride with GODSENT.

In his official statement, coach and ex-Fnatic player Jonatan "Devilwalk" Lundberg invoked old memes about the organization, both hinting at some issues with SMASH Esports and their expectations with the Swedish organization going forward.

"For me, joining GODSENT is being HOMESENT in the best of ways, GODSENT feels like home and we are extremely excited to be working with such a professional organisation," Devilwalk said. "Ever since we bootcamped prior to the Minor as NoChance we had an awesome experience here with the people that are behind the revival of GODSENT and knew instantly that we would be a good fit for each other. "We can finally focus on the things we should be focusing on, and that is bringing in results and have continuous development and progress as a team and as individuals."

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The history of GODSENT

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You see, GODSENT had a tendecy to go home instead of going big.

Initially formed by pronax, the brains behind Fnatic's first huge CS:GO triumphs, GODSENT looked like the breeding grounds of young Swedish talent behind the juggernauts of NiP and the founder's former side. However, results didn't really live up to expectations, and the only real highlights of the side came from their ill-fated roster mix with Fnatic when their unplayable side broke up for the first time due to differences in opinion on tactics and motivational questions. In the end, neither "mixture" had the kind of oomph that was required for championship material, and a merry-go-round of Major slots eventually meant that the original heavyweight team reformed under the Fnatic banner.

From then on, GODSENT's only real contribution to the scene was signing Brollan at the end of 2017, back when he was just fifteen years old. Next February, dennis was picked up by NiP, and as their entire roster was picked up by Red Reserve in the summer of 2018, the org ceased operations on June 22nd.

Their return has come off the back of a merger with The Final Tribe, another Swedish organization with a footprint in Dota 2, LoL, CS:GO, Hearthstone and Fortnite. Going forward, all of their teams will be playing under the GODSENT name.