The legendary AWPer will don the black-and-yellow jersey once again after a two-year stint at FaZe, serving as a replacement for the recently retired Zeus to fill the roster. The veteran IGL’s retirement also brought on the release of Kane as a coach, and it’s now been confirmed that his replacement will be B1ad3 who served as the organization’s esports director for the last six months.

The great and long-delayed roster shuffle of 2019 is now officially on as GuardiaN makes his highly anticipated return to the CIS side he launched his career with. The Slovakian player made his ambitions quite clear in the statement he gave to Na’Vi’s official website for the corresponding announcement:

“It's nice to come back home, where I started my long journey as a professional player. I will do my best to give this team everything I can, for it to become the best team and to win a major.”

It will be fascinating to see how GuardiaN and s1mple will coexist on the same roster considering their well-publicized difficulties with one another in the past when they were both playing for Na’Vi. A combination of a new coaching setup, a replaced IGL, s1mple somewhat cooling off and GuardiaN’s current ceiling very much in question means that there are quite a few unknowns about a side which many considered to be held back by Zeus’ individual abilities and in-game leading decisions. One thing is for sure: all eyes will be on this revamped side when they compete at their first big event with the roster will be at DreamHack Masters Malmö early October.

Photo credit: HLTV