Hearthstone Psychology with Jace "DrJikininki" Garthright

Jace "DrJikininki" Garthright is both a North America Hearthstone professional player and exceptional caster, making a splash with his personality and knowledge at DreamHack Grand Prix events. We had a chance to talk with him at the DreamHack Atlanta Hearthstone event in between his casting sets. He offered an interesting perspective on his transition from champion (holding the 2017 DreamHack Atlanta title) to becoming an on air talent. Hearthstone experts have labelled him as one of the more talented players in North America, but his enjoyment of casting has led him to share this game that he loves with the viewers both in the venue and at home.

He talks about his experiences as both player and caster and how he made the transition. He even dives into the fun "RNG" aspect of Hearthstone, discussing important mechanics that professional players employ to ensure they always have the right card when they need it.

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