The Hogwarts Legacy map allows Harry Potter fans to live out their dreams of being a student at Hogwarts, the school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Not only can players explore the wonderous halls of Hogwarts Castle, but they can also explore the mountainous terrain of the Scottish Highlands in the surrounding areas, full of ancient magic to harness and magical beasts to tame!

With the massively open-world and non-linear gameplay, players can discover ancient ruins, cozy hamlets, and hidden secrets in every major region in Hogwarts Legacy. Luckily, these are marked on the player's handy interactive map resource, the Field Guide!

So let's delve into the wonderful wizarding world and see what the Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. Here's everything players need to know about the Hogwarts Legacy map, including all major locations and landmarks. 

All Hogwarts Legacy Map Locations

Hogwarts Legacy's full map is fairly expansive, covering the entirety of Hogwarts Castle and Hogsmeade village, both with individual maps. There are 16 significant regions in the Hogwarts Legacy map. Each is gradually unlocked and explored through natural story progression, side quests and general exploration.

Once they've unlocked their broom, players can also whizz through the sky and venture into deeper territory early in Hogwarts Legacy, with at least one Treasure Vault in every prominent location.

  • Hogwarts Castle
  • Hogsmeade Village
  • Hogsmeade Valley
  • Hogwarts Valley
  • Forbidden Forest
  • South Hogwarts Region
  • North Hogwarts Region
  • North Ford Bog
  • Feldcroft Region
  • Manor Cape
  • South Sea Bog
  • Coastal Cavern
  • Clagmar Coast
  • Poidsear Coast
  • Maureween Lake
  • Cragcroftshire

Hogwarts Castle

The focal point is Hogwarts, where most of the main story takes place. The wizarding school is filled with twists and turns - it's easy to get lost within its winding corridors! Luckily, players have the Field Guide and Floo Flames to rely on.

There are 32 fast travel points in Hogwarts, ranging from the individual House Common Rooms to the Grand Staircase.

  • Astronomy Wing
  • Bell Tower Wing
  • Grand Staircase
  • Great Hall
  • Library Annex
  • South Wing
  • Secret Rooms

Players will often refer to their Hogwarts map and use the Revelio spell to keep track of their surroundings, especially when searching for Demiguise Moons or Daedalian Keys. These seven locations are important to note, as players will need to attend lessons and complete assignments to learn new spells to aid them on their adventures. Some classrooms feature handy resources like Herbology and Potion stations for crafting.


Hogsmeade is the beloved all-wizarding village in the Harry Potter franchise. It features shops selling all the necessities players will need on their journey, from all the latest gear at GladRags to J. Pippin's Potions.

Hosgmeade includes the following shops for players to spend their hard-earned coins.

  • Brood and Peck (locked until players access the Room of Requirement and Nab-Sack)
  • Dogweed and Deathcap 
  • Gladrag's Wizardwear
  • J. Pippin's Potions
  • Madam Snelling's Tress Emporium
  • Ollivander's (only used once at the start of the game)
  • Spintwitches Sporting Needs
  • The Magic Neep 
  • Tomes and Scrolls

Other recognizable locations from the Harry Potter movies include Honeydukes, the sweet-smelling wizarding confectionary shop, and The Three Broomsticks pub that sells the infamous Butterbeer.

There are three Floo Flames to fast travel to in Hogsmeade, allowing players to get around easier as Hogsmeade is a no-fly zone, so bad luck if you're on a broom! Hogsmeade has plenty of Field Guide Pages, Demiguise Statues and Collection Chests to unlock, so keep your eyes peeled for secrets!

Many doors in Hogsmeade are also locked and require different levels of the Alohomora charm to open. The Alohomora spell is taught by Mr Moon in the stealth quest The Man Behind The Moons.

Notable Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Some locations on the Hogwarts Legacy map feature notable landmarks from the movies and books as little Easter eggs for die-hard fans of the franchise.

Forbidden Forest

In the Harry Potter movies, Hogwarts students were famously forbidden from entering the Forbidden Forest due to the dangers that lurk within its depths. However, in Hogwarts Legacy, players are free to enter the eerie forest as they please.

As expected, the Forbidden Forest is teeming with life and is home to some dangerous enemies that players need to be wary of - these range from the eight-legged Acromantulas to Beast Poachers, so be on your guard! There are 3 Collection Chests, 3 Merlin Trials and 1 Ancient Magic Hotspot in the Forbidden Forest.

Hogwarts Valley

Hogwarts Valley is the largest region on the Hogwarts Legacy map and is home to the Keenbridge and Brocburrow hamlets.

The wide-open terrain of Hogwarts Valley offers a slew of collectibles for players to get their hands on, including 8 Field Guide pages, 15 Collection Chests, 4 Infamous Foes and 16 Merlin Trials! 

South Hogwarts Region

Regarding Hogwarts Legacy map locations, the South Hogwarts Region is the most exciting. It contains the entire Hogwarts Castle, including the Owlery, the massive Black Lake, and the infamous Quidditch Pitch.

There are two hamlets to explore in South Hogwarts, including Aranshire and Lower Hogsfield, with three Floo Flames to fast travel to, not including the ones inside Hogwarts Castle. There are 9 Collection Chests, 3 Field Guide Pages, and 15 Merlin Trials, as well as other additional challenges to complete. Don't forget to use the Revelio spell to highlight useful items and solutions to puzzles!

Feldcroft Region

Players will join their Slytherin friend, Sebastian Sallow, at the quaint village of Feldcroft at the heart of the region in the main storyline. Here, they meet his curse-afflicted sister, Anne.

Feldcroft Region is also home to Irondale hamlet on the eastern bend. As with the other regions, there are plenty of collectibles for players to discover, including 16 Merlin Trials. 7 Field Guide Pages and 22 Collection Chests.


The sheer open world of the Hogwarts Legacy map is ground-breaking and revolutionary, giving players many activities to do with over 90 Merlin's Trial puzzles to solve and secrets to uncover - the sky is literally the limit! Stay tuned with Rivalry for game guides, esports news, and esports betting, including all your favorite esports like League of Legends, MLBB, Dota 2, and more!

FAQs about Hogwarts Legacy

How big is the download for Hogwarts Legacy?

The download size for Hogwarts Legacy varies depending on the platform you decide to play it on. For PS5, the download size is 79.8 GB. For Xbox Series X/S, the file size is 77GB, slightly smaller than the PlayStation 5.

For PC, the file size is around 80GB, so ensure you have enough free space before delving into the Wizarding World!

How many hours playtime in Hogwarts Legacy?

While focusing on main story quests and objectives, Hogwarts Legacy will take around 25-30 hours to complete. However, if players take the time to explore their environments and complete side/relationship quests, it will take longer.

If you're a gamer that strives for perfection and wants to obtain 100% completion, it can take anywhere between 60-100 hours.

How big is the map in Hogwarts Legacy?

As an open-world game, the Hogwarts Legacy map is guaranteed to be massive, significantly larger than the likes of Skyrim. The exact Hogwarts Legacy map size is nearly 3 square miles in diameter and split into two halves: north and south, with the northern region occupying more space. This does not consider the several underground dungeons and systems witches and wizards encounter in their playthroughs.

It takes a player around 30 minutes to walk from the northernmost point to the bottom of the map.

What locations are in Hogwarts Legacy?

There are many iconic locations and points of interest fans may recognize from the Harry Potter books and films! Here are just a few of the best sites:

  • Hogwarts Castle, including areas like the Great Hall and House Common Rooms.
  • Hogsmeade Village
  • Hogsmeade Station
  • The Forbidden Forest
  • Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch

Can you go to Diagon Alley in Hogwarts Legacy?

Sadly, the iconic Diagon Alley is not featured in Hogwarts Legacy as of yet. The locations in the Hogwarts Legacy map are set exclusively around the Scottish Highlands and Hogwarts itself. It would be interesting to see if Diagon Alley will be added in future DLC. Still, for now, all the necessary shops are in Hogsmeade.

When will Hogwarts Legacy be available on Nintendo Switch?

Hogwarts Legacy was released on next-gen consoles PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC on February 10, 2023. Nintendo Switch players must, unfortunately, wait until July 25 to get their hands on Hogwarts Legacy.