A comprehensive list of every game they’ve played in the circuit in Season 2.

IEM Katowice

The major was the only event in Season 2 that Liquid let out of their grasp, and arguably the last time we’ve seen that Astralis on the serves. Unfortunately, the two never got their date because of ENCE’s heroics but you could already see the kernels of greatness in some of Liquid’s plays at the tournament, especially against their comprehensive win over Na’Vi.

Team Liquid vs AVANGAR (Overpass 16-12)

Team Liquid vs NiP (Overpass 16-13)

Team Liquid vs Na’Vi (2-0; Mirage 16-14, Dust 2 16-9)

Team Liquid vs ENCE (0-2; Mirage 11-16, Inferno 16-19)

IEM Sydney

For many, this event seemed like an aberration due to the lack of other top guns, but in retrospect, it marked the beginning of Liquid’s dominance in the circuit. Notably, this is the only final where they looked somewhat shaky, swiftly moving past the “choker” tag from this point onwards.

Team Liquid vs BOOT.ds (Nuke 16-9)

Team Liquid vs BIG (2-0; Dust 2 16-7, Overpass 16-3)

Team Liquid vs NiP (2-0; Nuke 16-11, Overpass 16-14)

Team Liquid vs MiBR (2-0; Mirage 16-0, Nuke 19-15)

Team Liquid vs Fnatic (3-2; Cache 10-16, Overpass 16-14, Mirage 16-8, Dust 2 6-16, Inferno 16-9)

DreamHack Masters Dallas

This event took place right after cs_summit 4, therefore many of the storylines featured Vitality’s rise and a potential return to shaky performances in grand finals by the North American side. In retrospect, they had a fairly easy run in this tournament, but they nevertheless did a great job exorcising their demons against ENCE in the grand final. Notably, that was one of their three defeats on Overpass out of the eye-popping fourteen times they’ve got to play it in the circuit in Season 2.

Team Liquid vs Lucid Dream (Dust 2 16-7)

Team Liquid vs North (2-0; Nuke 16-11, Mirage 16-12)

Team Liquid vs FaZe Clan (2-1; Dust 2 22-19, Nuke 12-16, Inferno 16-11)

Team Liquid vs FURIA (2-0; Nuke 16-13, Overpass 16-4)

Team Liquid vs ENCE (2-1; Mirage 16-8, Overpass 17-19, Inferno 16-13)

ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals

The culmination of an extremely skill-testing league with a LAN-based group stage leading up to these finals ensured that truly the best of the best got a chance to compete in Montpellier. While Liquid had a shaky start, they found their feet by the time Astralis came knocking in the lower bracket and they never looked back from that point on.

Team Liquid vs North (Dust 2 13-16)

Team Liquid vs HellRaisers (2-1; Vertigo 16-11, Inferno 14-16, Overpass 16-14)

Team Liquid vs MiBR (2-0; Mirage 16-13, Dust 2 16-9)

Team Liquid vs Astralis (2-1; Overpass 16-12, Inferno 16-6, Vertigo 16-13)

Team Liquid vs mousesports (2-0; Overpass 16-8, Nuke 19-17)

Team Liquid vs G2 (3-1; Dust 2 19-15, Overpass 16-3, Nuke 12-16, Inferno 25-22)

ESL One Cologne 2019

By now, any notion of Liquid not being the best team in the world were comprehensively squashed, and their chance for a Grand Slam crept clearly into view. They remained unstoppable, though many will replay that knife blunder from s1mple in the group stage and wonder what could have been had he finished off the map then and there.

Team Liquid vs MVP PK (Nuke 16-14)

Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere (2-1; Dust 2 22-19, Overpass 14-16, Mirage 16-8)

Team Liquid vs NRG (2-0; Nuke 16-12, Inferno 22-20)

Team Liquid vs Natus Vincere (2-0; Dust 2 16-12, Overpass 16-12)

Team Liquid vs Team Vitality (3-1; Overpass 16-6, Dust 2 17-19, Inferno 16-10, Mirage 16-7)

With that, Liquid took home a cool million and cemented themselves as one of the greatest Counter-Strike teams of all time. Not only did they win the Intel Grand Slam in record time, they did it at four events with sixteen teams. There are no real challengers on the horizon – however, those who are concerned about comprehensive can take solace in the fact that they still haven’t won a BLAST event.