The Battle Pass and Item Shop aren't the only ways to get new skins on Fortnite! One of the best aspects of Fortnite is the sheer number of creative and unique skins, usually costing money with V-Bucks in the Item Shop or Battle Pass. However, Epic Games is in the business of treating their fanbase, often releasing fresh drip and free skins for players to flex their individual Fortnite style.

If you want to claim some free Fortnite skins, you'd better be quick! These are usually only available for a short time. If you wish to change your look in Fortnite without splashing the cash, here are the available free skins for January 2024.

Currently available Fortnite free skins (January 2024)

As of January 2024, there are four free Fortnite skins currently available to claim. Don't hang around; they won't be available for long. Some free skins have a limited time to claim, while others can only be redeemed a certain amount of times before expiring. 

Scroll down for our step-by-step guide to claiming all the skins below - for free!

  • Explorer Emilie 
  • Jackie
  • Subzero Cryptic 
  • Trailblazer Tai

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that while we do our best to keep this list updated, the above Fortnite skins may have already expired without our knowledge. We cannot guarantee that claiming a free Fortnite skin will work, but there's no harm in trying!

How to Get Explorer Emilie Skin

The Explorer Emilie outfit is a rare Fortnite skin that launched alongside the start of Fortnite Chapter 5. She became available on December 7, when LEGO Fortnite first launched. With this free skin, you also get the LEGO Fortnite Explorer Emilie - two for the price of one, without spending any V-Bucks!

To unlock this free Fortnite skin, follow the steps below: 

  1. Sign up for LEGO Insiders
  2. Link your Epic Games account with your LEGO account. 
  3. Log in to Fortnite, and this free skin should be automatically added to your Locker!

If you don't know how to link your Epic account, all you need to do is log onto Epic Games in your web browser, head to your Account in the top-right corner, select Apps and Accounts, and hit Connect under Lego Account, and allow the two to be linked. It's that simple!

How to Get Jackie Skin

Jackie is another one of the free character skins dropped alongside Fortnite Chapter 5 with the all-new Rocket Racing game mode. To add Jackie to your Fortnite skin Locker, you only need to reach the Gold rank in Rocket Racing. Easier said than done!

There is currently a known bug that the Jackie skin only unlocks once players reach Gold 2 instead of Gold 1. Epic Games are working on a fix for this. 

How to Get Subzero Cryptic Skin

PlayStation Plus gamers are in luck, as they often get access to exclusive skins, this time with the Subzero Cryptic skin. All they need to do to claim this free skin is open the PlayStation Store, add the Chilling Mystery pack to their cart, and check out.

The free items below will be available on Fortnite the next time they log in: 

  • Subzero Cryptic Outfit
  • Cryptic Sling-kit Back Bling
  • Cryptic Coaster Glider

How to Get Trailblazer Tai

Claiming the Trailblazer Tai skin requires more effort than inputting a code or linking accounts. Players will need to dive into the blocky world of LEGO Fortnite, but before they do that, they must head to the Fortnite Item Shop and grab the True Explorers Quest Pack

Once they've claimed the free quest pack, they'll need to complete ALL the below quests before the Trailblazer Tai skin becomes theirs to keep. 

  • Invite an NPC to live in any village in a Survival World
  • Craft a Shortsword in a Survival World
  • Build a Spinning Wheel in a Survival World
  • Hit and deal damage with a Recurve Crossbow in a Survival World

Once these quests have been completed, players will receive Trailblazer Tai in their Locker. They will also get additional rewards, like Battle Pass XP. This skin, of course, also comes with a LEGO Fortnite counterpart. 

Other Ways to Get Free Fortnite Skins

Free skins are the best reward for Fortnite players or avid skin collectors. Aside from the above claimable skins, there are other ways to obtain free Fortnite skins and deck out your Fortnite Locker, although these aren't guaranteed. 

  • Refer-A-Friend: Occasionally, Epic Games will launch "Refer-A-Friend" campaigns where you can invite people to try Fortnite for themselves, letting you bag some free rewards like skins!
  • Online Tournaments: Epic Games frequently releases Fortnite tournaments that are free to participate in. If you perform well and end up in the top % of players, you can claim a free Fortnite skin, so keep your eyes peeled. 
  • Exclusive Events: Fortnite is famed for its fun live events, like Ariana Grande's concert. Attending these events can sometimes give you free rewards like Pickaxes or skins if you're lucky. All live events are heavily advertised on the in-game lobby and Epic Games' social media, so stay up-to-date. 
  • Giveaways: While Epic Games rarely give away codes for free skins themselves, online content creators and streamers may often host giveaways to their followers, often involving V-Bucks or free Fortnite skins. Be wary that sometimes these giveaways can be scams, and never give away your account details or personal information. 
  • Fortnite Crew Subscription: While this method isn't free and costs around $11.99 a month, subscribing to Fortnite Crew gives you the Battle Pass and a guaranteed free skin every month. On top of this, you may also receive other cosmetics like Backbling, Pickaxes, or new emotes. 

Final Thoughts

Those were all the different ways you could claim free skins and other cosmetics in Fortnite; we hope you've found it helpful. If you want to claim other freebies in this battle royale, check out our Fortnite redeem codes article for free V-Bucks and other items. 

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Expired Free Skins for Fortnite

Epic Games has released many free Fortnite skins in the past, with some now expired with the possibility of not returning to the game, unless its through the Item Shop for V-Bucks. If you have any of these rare Fortnite skins below, count yourself lucky!

Here is a list of some of the free skins that were previously available and can no longer be claimed. 

  • Redcap: Obtained through Refer-A-Friend quests
  • Winterfest Bushranger: Winterfest 2023
  • Holiday Boxy: Winterfest 2023
  • Vive Chroma: Obtained by redeeming the True Colours pack with a PlayStation Plus Subscription. 
  • Clone Trooper: Find the Force Star Wars event
  • Major Mancake: Completing Crown Clash Challenges 
  • Gold Blooded Ace: Completing the Most Wanted event
  • Blizzard Bomber: Obtained by redeeming the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack 18
  • Bruno Mars: Ranking high enough in the Silk Sonic Cup in February 2022
  • Xander: Obtained through Refer-A-Friend quests
  • Rainbow Racer: Obtained through Refer-A-Friend quests
  • Sled Ready Guff: Winterfest 2022
  • Arctic Adeline: Winterfest 2022
  • Sultura: Obtained by redeeming the PlayStation Plus Celebration Pack 16
  • The Flash: Ranking high enough in the Flash Cup in February 2021
  • Beast Boy: Ranking high enough in the Teen Titans Cup in May 2021
  • Aloy: Competing and ranking high enough in the Aloy Cup in April 2021
  • Wonder Woman: Ranking high enough in the Wonder Woman Competitive Cup in August 2021
  • Ruby Shadows: A free reward from the Street Shadows Challenge Pack
  • Snowmando: Unlocked by completing nine Operation Snowdown quests 
  • Frost Squad: Unlocked by completing twelve Operation Snowdown quests
  • Polar Peely: Winterfest 2021
  • Krisabelle: Winterfest 2021
  • Blizabelle: Winterfest 2021

We will keep this expired free skins list updated for your convenience, so keep checking back!