Since 2013, HLTV compiles a list of the 20 best individual CS:GO players. Tracking the elite's rise and fall on the rankings paints a stark picture of the changing fortunes of the different Counter-Strike sides while also showcasing greatness. Going through the archives also makes you appreciate the insane longevity and consistent excellence of certain pro players. Getting on the list is one of the more meaningful individual honors in the game, and knowing the who's who of CS:GO elite is a great benchmark of your knowledge of the scene. We've put together a second set of questions about the rankings. How well do you remember the players of the top 20? Let's find out!

You can find our previous quiz about the HLTV top 20 here.

How well did you do? Did you get all ten of them right? Which question stumped you the most? Let us know at @RivalryGLHF on Twitter!