The Rivalry Token, aka $RVLRY, is Rivalry’s venture into the crypto world. $RVLRY will act as a nexus between Rivalry, Web3 gambling, and its users, providing players with rewards, unique benefits, and enhanced utility exclusively on

As such, the Rivalry Token will be employed across Rivalry’s product suite, from sportsbook to casino, designed to enhance customer experience with increased functionality, economics, and stupid easy fun. 

All Rivalry users can start earning the interim points, NUTZ, through Rivalry activity, which will be exchangeable for the $RVLRY Token - you only need to connect your crypto-wallet to get started. Existing Rivalry users with previous activity on the site will already have NUTZ waiting for them. NUTZ can later be converted into the Rivalry Token.

As a noob or an experienced bettor, now is the perfect time to dive into the betting world! 

If you have any questions about $RVLRY, NUTZ, or general account queries, chat with our 24/7 customer support team


While exploring and engaging with Rivalry’s sportsbook and casino, you’ll collect “NUTZ,” aka points, based on your recent Rivalry wagering activity. The more you bet/play, the more NUTZ you earn (even if you’ve got allergies). 

How Do I Start Collecting NUTZ? 

Earning NUTZ is super easy and can be done across any Rivalry product, including betting on esports, sports, and casino games.

Kicking off your NUTZ collection can be done in just four simple steps: 

  1. Log in or create a Rivalry account
  2. Connect your wallet or learn how to make one
  3. Check out your current rank and NUTZ sack
  4. Make some bets, have fun, and earn more NUTZ



What are the NUTZ ranks?

You’ll be slotted into existing NUTZ ranks based on your activity level as you unlock more ranks and goodies through Rivalry interactions. Grow your NUTZ even bigger with PLAY-2-FARM technology and grind through the varying NUTZ tiers! 

While we want to keep our nuts close to our chest, these ranks are worth farming, allowing for unique benefits, multipliers, and EVEN MORE NUTZ to farm up. You’ve gotta be quick, though - after seven days of inactivity, your NUTZ rank will begin to decay. These nuts wait around for no one! 

Where can I find my NUTZ rank? 

To see your current rank, head over to the dedicated page for the Rivalry Token. Here, you’ll be able to learn all the basic 101s, roadmap, and FAQs about the Rivalry Token. You'll also be able to see your current rank, the next tier up, and more. You must opt-in and connect your crypto wallet to see this info. 

All hard-earned NUTZ will eventually be convertible into freshly-minted $RVLRY that will be airdropped for you to use. Hold onto them and see where the journey takes you! The goal is to bet, collect, then spend your $RVLRY.

Ready to get DEEZ NUTZ? Head over to to get started! Tag Rivalry in your NUTZ screenshots, including our Rivalry Token X (formerlyTwitter), Discord, and Telegram