The full lineup of IEM Katowice 2020 was finalized today, with Renegades claiming the Oceanic qualifier spot.

IEM Katowice 2020 - all teams are ready to go

With the Oceanic qualifiers concluding today, all qualifier slots were handed out for IEM Katowice. Each team from the top ten of the HLTV rankings will be in attendance, but nevertheless there are notable absentees in the form of ENCE - losing their lower bracket final to HUNDEN's MAD Lions in devastating fashion - and MIBR, who were bested by Cloud9 in the best-of-five grand final of the NA qualifiers.

The complete team list of IEM Katowice 2020 (also referred to as the IEM Season XIV World Championship) is as follows:

  • Astralis - Champions of IEM Beijing [Rank 1]
  • Mousesports - Champions of EPL Season 10 [Rank 2]
  • Fnatic - Champions of Dreamhack Masters Malmo 2019 [Rank 4]
  • Team Liquid - Invited [Rank 3]
  • Evil Geniuses - Invited [Rank 5]
  • Team Vitality - Invited [Rank 6]
  • 100 Thieves - Invited [Rank 7]
  • Natus Vincere - Invited [Rank 8]
  • FaZe Clan - Invited [Rank 9]
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas - Invited [Rank 10]
  • G2 Esports - Invited [Rank 11]
  • Virtus. Pro - Invited [Rank 17]
  • Cloud9 - North American Qualifier [Rank 18]
  • MAD Lions - European Qualifier [Rank 19]
  • Renegades - Oceanic Qualifier [Rank 25]
  • TYLOO - Asian Qualifier (replacing Vici Gaming)

The event will take place between February 25 and March 1, with the playoffs, as is tradition, hosted in the Spodek. The previous IEM Katowice event was the first Major if 2019, won by Astralis who only dropped a single map throughout the entire event. In 2018, it was won by Fnatic, a Cinderella story with Golden's first time as IGL and flusha rolling back the years in the grand final against the FaZe Clan juggernaut.

With all of the world's top eleven (per HLTV ratings) in attendance, it's guaranteed to be a barnburner.

Photo credit: HLTV