Group Stage Games to Watch

The Group Stages have finished for the Kuala Lumpur Major, with several stand out performances. For those of us who weren’t able to watch all of the games, we turn to the experts (Nahaz to the rescue!) to point us to some of the more impressive showings from each team. Check out some of the notable stats from the group stage - we have the YouTube highlights for each if you want to watch the games and see the stats play out! (If you’d like to watch the original full broadcasts, we timestamped the Twitch VOD link to each game above each YouTube video. You can also check out PGL’s main Twitch Channel HERE)

TNC vs Aster Game 1 (Twitch VOD Here)

EG vs Aster Game 3 (Twitch VOD Here)

Fnatic vs PSG.LGD Winners Match (Twitch VOD Here)

NiP vs paiN Game 2 (Twitch VOD Here)

Interested in more than just some of the stand out performances? Nahaz still has you covered with a few stats from the Group Stages. We'll know who to blame for the Axe and Weaver nerfs coming in 7.20...

Want to get more great stats straight from the source?