The LCS Summer Split is right down to the wire and the action is hotter than ever. Catch all the LCS betting action with Rivalry and read on to learn more about the competition and the most important data points and storylines needed to make an informed bet!

LCS 2021: Summer Split teams, schedule and format

The premier North American League of Legends competition entered its eighteenth season this year, featuring some of the biggest orgs of the region: teams like 100 Thieves, Cloud9, Evil Geniuses, Team Liquid and TSM all feature in this competition. For the first time, records from the Spring Split were carried over going into the new season, meaning that the LCS table at the start of the Summer Split matched that of the final Spring results.

The format this year features a triple round-robin format with best-of-one matches. The LCS playoff stage has been rechristened as the LCS Championship, with eight out of the ten teams qualifying for the event. The playoffs bracket is very similar to what you have seen before: the top two teams begin with a bye, catapulting themselves directly to the upper bracket round 2 match while the LCS teams from third to sixth have to battle it out in the first round of the upper bracket.

Meanwhile, the seventh and eighth teams begin with already a mountain to climb and with no room for error, beginning their journey from the lower bracket. The top three LCS teams surviving this bracket will make it to Worlds 2021.

LCS teams 2021: the complete list of Summer Split participants

  • 100 Thieves
  • Cloud9
  • CLG
  • Dignitas
  • Evil Geniuses
  • FlyQuest
  • Golden Guardians
  • Immortals
  • Team Liquid
  • TSM

LCS Summer Split 2021 schedule: everything you need to know

The Summer Split group stage took place between June 4 and August 1, with the playoffs beginning on August 7. The grand final is scheduled for August 29. The full LCS calendar is available on the official website.

Bet on LCS: the most important storylines to follow

As the League Championship Series playoffs approaches an exciting conclusion, here’s everything you need to know to place an informed bet on LCS.

Spring Split and Summer Split: small differences

For the first time in LCS history, the table wasn’t reset between the Spring and Summer Splits, which means that teams with greater consistency stand to benefit from this tweak in the format. This also gives League of Legends betting enthusiasts an added data point to consider in terms of the teams’ consistency and recent form. Judging by the summer record alone, Evil Geniuses would top the charts thanks to their superior head-to-head result against 100 Thieves, but TSM are by far the furthest ahead on account of their incredible Spring Split.

So far, consistency seems to be the name of the day as 100 Thieves, finishing second in both Splits, managed to progress in the upper bracket while both EG and TSM fell to the lower one. It was as if many LCS betting voices cried out and were suddenly silenced. Still, the signs were there: with six of the ten teams finishing in the same position overall as their summer record itself would indicate, it seems long-term results are well worth considering when you plan to bet on the LCS playoffs.

Team Liquid: the ultimate upset potential

The fact that Team Liquid managed to rise above their myriad of problems in the LCS season ranging from player issues to in-server struggles, clinching a Worlds spot by defeating TSM in an upset victory, goes to show that they are never to be underestimated.

Though Jensen himself has gone on record saying that they’re not one of the top North American League of Legends teams right now, it’s clear that they have a different gear or two to shift into when the going gets really tough. The Spring Split runners-up are now looking at the biggest event on the League of Legends esports calendar and can’t be counted out from any LCS betting scenario at this point.

EG’s aggression makes them a prime LCS betting pick

Evil Geniuses confounded expectations over the course of the Summer Split and with their performances in the playoffs as well so far, based around an adaptive and aggressive playstyle that set them apart from their competitors. A lack of experience combined with an explosive strategy makes them a must-watch team, but by the same token, perhaps also one to consider betting against at the business end of a tournament.

Bet on LCS Summer Split 2021

Now you know the basics of this kickass League of Legends competition and you’re just in time to place a bet on the most exciting portion of the playoffs. Head on over to our League of Legends betting page to find out more!