Since her release in 2019, Yummi the Magical Cat has been the most hated champion in League of Legends due to her low-skill floor and afk-ability gameplay. There was even a petition to remove her from the game! Yuumi was the meta for a long time in ranked games as an easy champion for solo queue, seeing high pick rates.

Yuumi's strength lay in her ability to continuously heal her teammates and CC an entire team with her Ultimate, which previously rooted enemies in place. While attached to her teammates, Yuumi is untargetable, making her a nuisance for the enemy team and seemingly unfair to play against.

Over time, Yuumi earned a reputation for being the most banned champion in League of Legends history, especially in pro play. To improve her playability and tackle balance problems, Riot Games are combating this with Yuumi's rework, set to hit live servers in Patch 13.5 on March 8th.

LoL: Yuumi Rework abilities in Patch 13.5

Yuumi's rework remains true to her old kit, with different functionality. Instead of Yuumi's heal being the focal point, her focus will be shielding and providing more utility for her team. With her new Best friend bonus, Yuumi players must now prioritize their lane partner instead of switching to multiple teammates.

Riot Games are also keeping Yuumi as a beginner-friendly champion. She will be available from the Shop for 450 Blue Essence, so new players can experience League of Legends with a reasonably simple champion.

New Passive: Feline Friendship

Yuumi's rework has replaced her old passive, Bop n' Block, with Feline Friendship as one of her new abilities. When Yuumi's spells or auto attacks affect champions, she can heal herself and charge a small heal for her teammates.

If she attaches to ally champions with her W within 4 seconds, she will automatically heal them for the same amount. While her passive is ready, Yuumi's auto attack range is increased by 50, allowing her to poke the enemy from a safe distance.

While attached, Yuumi will build Friendship when her anchored ally kills champions or minions. Each ally has their own unique Friendship score.

The teammate with the highest Friendship becomes Yuumi's Best Friend as her abilities gain bonus effects with the Best Friend bonus. While attached to her Best Friend, Yuumi gains heal and shield power that scales with their level.

Q ability: Prowling Projectile

Yuumi fires a missile that slows the first enemy hit. Yuumi can control Prowling Projectile while attached to an ally, greatly accelerating before it becomes empowered, slowing enemies on hit.

With the Best Friend Bonus, Prowling Projectile will have an empowered slow no matter the distance. Hitting enemy champions grants on-hit damage for 5 seconds. The damage is increased up to 75% based on her ally's crit chance.

W ability: You and Me!

Yuumi's reworked You and Me function is similar to her pre-rework. You and Me allow Yuumi to fly to a nearby ally and attach to them, becoming untargetable.

While attached to her Best Friend, Yuumi gains an additional 10-20% heal and shield power based on her attached ally level. Based on Yuumi's AP (Ability Power), her ally will also have on-hit healing.

E ability: Zoomies

Yuumi no longer has to detach from allies to shield anymore, as Zoomies now shields allies instead of healing. Activating Zoomies allows Yuumi to shield herself, gaining attack speed and blocking damage for three seconds.

While attached using You and Me, Zoomies' effects will affect Yuumi's attached ally. While the shield persists, attack speed and move speed bonuses are applied based on Yuumi's current AP. The anchored ally are also given 20 mana increased by up to 100% based on their missing mana.

R ability: Final Chapter

While activating her Ultimate, Yuumi channels five magical waves for 2.5 seconds - these waves affect enemies and allies by dealing damage and healing. She can now steer these waves using the cursor.

These waves deal damage, and any enemies hit are slowed by 10% for 1.25 seconds, increasing to 10% per hit. Allies are healed per wave, and any excess healing is converted into a shield. Final Chapter, while attached, grant Yuumi's Best Friend an increased heal, with bonus armor and magic resist.


This is one of the biggest and most highly-anticipated League of Legends champion reworks ever. It will be interesting to see how rework Yuumi affects pro play with her new abilities and if it impacts Yuumi's pick rates.

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FAQs about Yuumi

What lane is Yuumi played in?

Yuumi's sole role is as a Support enchanter champion in bot lane. Her entire kit is focused on her ability to heal, shield, and buff her allies in a team fight.

How much blue essence does Yuumi cost?

Yuumi currently costs 6,300 Blue Essence. However, following her rework in Patch 13.5 and Riot's vision for Yuumi being a beginner-friendly champion, her Blue Essence cost will be reduced to 450 to encourage new players to pick her up and play her.

Is Yuumi an easy champion?

As a support champion, Yuumi doesn't need to worry about CS'ing minions. She also spends the majority of the game attached to an ally, so she doesn't need to worry about her positioning in a team fight. Her sole focus is keeping her teammates alive and managing her ability cooldowns, making her one of the easiest champions in the game.

What champions work well with Yuumi?

Hypercarry ADCs work best with Yuumi, as she allows them to scale better, and she can easily keep them alive to continue pumping out damage. Hypercarry ADCs like Twitch, Vayne, Draven, and Jinx are great examples. Other ADCs like Ezreal and Kai'Sa are also great for harassing the enemy bot lane with their excessive poke capability.