Last updated April 24, 2023 (Added playoffs results).

LEC 2023 Spring Split is the second split of the first year of the new EMEA's rebranded League of Legends tournament, where ten strong European teams compete for the LEC crown and an MSI qualification. LEC Spring 2023 is scheduled to start on March 11 and end April 17.

Here is everything you need to know about the LEC Spring 2023, including the schedule, format, and all the teams competing.

LEC Spring 2023: Format

The LEC Spring 2023 is the first season to implement the new three split format. Ten teams will battle in a three-week bout of single-round-robin stages during the regular season.

The top eight teams from the regular season are divided into two groups as they advance to the Group Stage. This features a double-elimination, and all matches are Bo3. LEC 2023 Spring Groups will take place from April 8 - 16. Here are the two groups for the group stage of the LEC Spring 2023:

Group A

  • Vitality
  • MAD Lions
  • Fnatic
  • Astralis

Group B

  • KOI
  • SK Gaming
  • G2 Esports
  • Team BDS

The top two teams from each group (four teams in total) will advance to the LEC Spring Playoffs, which also feature a double-elimination bracket and all matches are Bo5. The 1st-placed team from each group are seeded into the Winners Final, while 2nd place are seeded into the Losers Semifinal. LEC 2023 Spring Playoffs will be from April 17-23.

The four teams that have made it to the LEC Spring Playoffs are: G2 Esports, Team BDS, MAD Lions, and Vitality.

The winner of the LEC Spring Split 2023 will automatically qualify for MSI's playoffs and the LEC Finals 2023 held in August. There is a generous prize pool of €80,000 EUR at stake divided between the first four places, with everything to play for!

LEC Spring 2023: Competing Teams

The majority of the teams competing in the LEC Spring 2023 will feature the same rosters from the LEC Winter split. However, some teams have had several roster changes to freshen up their line-up.


Astralis are potentially one of the most widely-recognizable esports organizations, despite their poor League of Legends track record. For the LEC Spring 2023, they are keeping their core line-up with two new additions: Finn and 113 in Top and Jungle, respectively.

  • Top lane: Finn Wiestål - "Finn"
  • Jungle: Doğukan Balcı - "113"
  • Mid: Oliver Ryppa - "Dajor"
  • Support: Lee Jeong-hoon - "JeongHoon"
  • ADC: Kasper Kobberup - "Kobbe"
  • Head coach: Baltat Alin-Cirprian - "AoD"


Excel have seen some significant roster changes for the 2023 season, retaining the services of their epic bot laner Patrik, and bringing fresh blood into the fold.

  • Top lane: Andrei Pascu - "Odoamne"
  • Jungle: Andrei Dragomir - "Xerxe"
  • Mid: Vincent Berrie - "Vetheo"
  • Support: Raphael Crabbe - "Targamas"
  • ADC: Patrik Jiru - "Patrik"
  • Head coach: Joey Steltenpool - "YoungBuck"


Fnatic have seen some disappointing games in recent times, leading to several roster changes. They have employed a brand new head coach in Nightshare, so it'll be exciting to see how his expertise helps the team.

  • Top lane: Óscar Muñoz Jiménez - "Oscarinin"
  • Jungle: Iván Martín Díaz - "Razork"
  • Mid: Marek Brázda - "Humanoid"
  • Support: Henk Reijenga - "Advienne"
  • ADC: Carl Martin Erik Larsson - "Rekkles"
  • Head coach: Tomáš Kněžínek - "Nightshare"

G2 Esports

G2 Esports 2023 LEC Spring roster has undergone an overhault in an attempt to snag the crown from KOI, and are already guaranteed a slot in the LEC Finals. Their team sees the return of some old faces and fan-favorites.

  • Top lane: Sergen Çelik - BrokenBlade
  • Jungle: Martin Sundelin - "Yike"
  • Mid: Rasmus Borregaard Winther - "Caps"
  • Support: Mihael Mehle - "Mikyx"
  • ADC: Steven Liv - "Hans Sama"
  • Head coach: Dylan Falco - "Dylan Falco"


KOI, previously known as Rogue, are retaining much of their previous 2022 League of Legends lineup. They were the most successful European League team in previous years, so it will be exciting to see if this continues.

  • Top lane: Mathias Jensen - "Szygenda"
  • Jungle: Kim Geun-seong - "Malrang"
  • Mid: Emil Larsson - "Larssen"
  • Support: Adrian Trybus - "Trymbi"
  • ADC: Markos Stamkopoulos - "Comp"
  • Head coach: Simon Payne - "fredy122"

MAD Lions

MAD Lions are ones to watch, due to their previous track record for success in the LEC. The Spanish-owned team will be looking to capitalize on their well-rounded roster of talent.

  • Top lane: Kim Dong-hyeon - "Chasy"
  • Jungle: Javier Prades Batalla - "Elyoya"
  • Mid: Yasin Dinçer - "Nisqy"
  • Support: Zdravets Iliev Galabov - "Hylissang"
  • ADC: Matyáš Orság - "Carzzy"
  • Head coach: James MacCormack - "Mac"

SK Gaming

There's been some major changes in the SK Gaming camp after they finished in eighth place both the LEC 2022 Spring and Summer Splits.

  • Top lane: Joel Miro Scharoll - "Irrelevant"
  • Jungle: Mark van Woensel - "Markoon"
  • Mid: Daniel Gamani - "Sertuss"
  • Support: Mads Schwartz - "Doss"
  • ADC: Thomas Foucou - "Exakick"
  • Head coach: Simon Papamarkos - "Swiffer"

Team BDS

Team BDS have announced some well-known names back into the LEC, as they hope to beat their lacklustre tenth-place finish last year.

  • Top lane: Adam Maanane - "Adam"
  • Jungle: Theo Borile - "Sheo"
  • Mid: Ilias Bizriken - "nuc"
  • Support: Labros Papoutsakis - "Labrov"
  • ADC: Juš Marušič - "Crownie"
  • Head coach: Peter Dun - "Peter Dun"

Team Heretics

Team Heretics are the newest team in the LEC. They have a healthy mix of veterans and rookies to make for some exciting matches.

  • Top lane: Shunsuke Murase - "Evi"
  • Jungle: Marcin Jankowski - "Jankos"
  • Mid: Lee Sol-min - "Ruby"
  • Support: Mertai Sari - "Mersa"
  • ADC: Jakob Gullvag Kepple - "Jackspektra"
  • Head coach: Adrien Picard - "GotoOne"


Vitality has that star-quality, as they bring several famous names into the fold.

  • Top lane: Kyeong Gyu-tae - "Photon"
  • Jungle: Zhou Yang-Bo - "Bo"
  • Mid: Luka Perkovic - "Perkz"
  • Support: Norman Kaiser - "Kaiser"
  • ADC: Elias Lipp - "Upset"
  • Head coach: Alexander Cartwright - "Carter"

LEC Spring 2023: Where To Watch

All games of the LEC Spring 2023 will be played at the LEC Studio, or Riot Games' studio in Adlershof, Berlin, Germany.

LEC fans can catch the LEC Spring 2023 on the official LEC Twitch channel where it will be live-streamed every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. We have embedded below the Twitch channel below for your convenience.

LEC Spring 2023: Schedule

Here is the full schedule for the LEC 2023 Spring Split Regular Season. All times listed are in PT. Match winners have been emboldened for reader convenience.

LEC Spring 2023: Week 1

March 11

  • EXCEL Vs. Fnatic
  • Team BDS Vs. SK Gaming
  • MAD Lions Vs. Vitality
  • Astralis Vs. KOI
  • Team Heretics Vs. G2 Esports

March 12

  • MAD Lions Vs. Team BDS
  • EXCEL Vs. Vitality
  • Fnatic Vs. SK Gaming
  • G2 Esports Vs. Astralis
  • Team Heretics Vs. KOI

March 13

  • Team BDS Vs. Team Heretics
  • SK Gaming Vs. Astralis
  • KOI Vs. Mad Lions
  • G2 Esports Vs. EXCEL
  • Vitality Vs. Fnatic

LEC Spring 2023: Week 2

March 18

  • MAD Lions Vs. Astralis
  • Heretics Vs. EXCEL
  • Fnatic Vs. Team BDS
  • Vitality Vs. SK Gaming
  • KOI Vs. G2 Esports

March 19

  • Team Heretics Vs. Fnatic
  • EXCEL Vs. MAD Lions
  • Team BDS Vs. Astralis
  • KOI Vs. SK Gaming
  • G2 Esports Vs. Vitality

March 20

  • SK Gaming Vs. EXCEL
  • Vitality Vs. Astralis
  • MAD Lions Vs. Team Heretics
  • Team BDS Vs. G2 Esports
  • Fnatic Vs. KOI

LEC Spring 2023: Week 3

March 25

  • 10AM - Team Heretics Vs. Astralis
  • 11AM - KOI Vs. EXCEL
  • 12PM - Team BDS Vs. Vitality
  • 1PM - Fnatic Vs. MAD Lions
  • 2PM - SK Gaming Vs. G2 Esports

March 26

  • Astralis Vs. EXCEL
  • SK Gaming Vs. MAD LIons
  • Team BDS Vs. KOI
  • Vitality Vs. Team Heretics
  • Fnatic Vs. G2 Esports

March 27

  • EXCEL Vs. Team BDS
  • Fnatic Vs. Astralis
  • SK Gaming Vs. Team Heretics
  • G2 Esports Vs. MAD Lions
  • KOI Vs. Vitality
  • Fnatic Vs. Vitality

LEC Spring 2023: Week 4 - Group Stage

April 8 - Group A

  • MAD Lions Vs. Vitality
  • Fnatic Vs. Astralis
  • Astralis Vs. Vitality

April 9 - Group B

  • Team BDS Vs. SK Gaming
  • G2 Esports Vs. KOI
  • Team BDS Vs. KOI

LEC Spring 2023: Week 5 - Playoffs

April 17

  • Vitality Vs. Team BDS

April 21

  • MAD Lions Vs. G2 Esports

April 22

  • Vitality Vs. MAD Lions

April 23

  • Team BDS Vs. MAD Lions

MAD Lions clinch the top spot at LEC Spring 2023 ahead of Team BDS in a close battle! They automatically qualify for the MSI 2023 and the LEC 2023 Season Finals. They also earn 120 championship points towards their 2023 season campaign.

LEC Spring 2023: Standings

After three weeks of intense matches in the regular season, the eight teams heading into the group stage have been decided. Team Heretics and EXCEL are eliminated.

  1. Team BDS - 7-2
  2. Astralis - 6-3
  3. G2 Esports - 6-3
  4. Vitality - 6-3
  5. SK Gaming - 4-5
  6. Fnatic - 4-5
  7. KOI - 4-5
  8. MAD Lions - 3-6
  9. Team Heretics - 3-6
  10. EXCEL - 2-7

Any keen LEC fans can follow the scene closely with Rivalry, as we will feature the best LEC betting odds on every match-up here. This article will be updated with the current standings as the events develop.