As the ESL Pro League season 7 finals commence, we are incredibly excited to roll out a feature CS:GO fans have been craving and demanding. LIVE BETTING has arrived.

Buckle Up Buckaroo, Live Betting is Here

If you’re as excited for the playoffs and finals as we are, then buckle up and join us on a quick, literary journey.

You’re kicked back on your couch, drink in hand, as you watch your favorite team take on their rivals. You’ve been a fan for years. You know everything there is to know about the team. Your boys fall behind 9-2 on as they kick off the map on CT side. While other plebs see them trailing by 7 rounds and a sure loss, you know better. You’ve seen the guys in this spot before. They’re the more experienced team and stay cool under pressure. You know they’ll pull a few rounds back by half and go on a tear as they switch sides.

You open up Rivalry on your laptop and take a look at the odds. What in the hell? Your team is sitting at 4.0. You just know they’re going to come back and win this! As a smile slowly unfolds, you place a $5 bet on them to come back and win. EZ $20.

They position well, get two picks, and win a crucial round. The other team gets greedy and avoids the eco. Your teams pulls further ahead. They head into half time down 9-6, clawing back a few rounds just as you expected. Your team wins the pistol round to kick off the second half and develops even more momentum. The other team doesn’t stand a chance. Your guys proceed to steam roll the second half, locking up the W.

The other team’s fanboys are losing their damn minds. You’re absolutely loving it. You head to Reddit and Twitter to shit talk all of the haters. Your team just made a brilliant come back and pushed their way into the finals. Life couldn’t be better. Oh wait, but yes it could. You dropped a $5 bet when they were down 9-2 with odds sitting at 4.0. You tab over to Rivalry and grin as you see your balance has jumped up by $20. Now we’re talking. GG.

ESL Pro League Live Betting Deposit Bonus

Code LIVE5 = $5 Deposit Bonus

Live betting brings you into the action and intensifies your tournament experience like nothing else. If you’re a huge fan, it’s time to take advantage of your knowledge and put your money where your mouth is.

Interested in live betting during the ESL Pro League playoffs? Use code LIVE5 when depositing and we’ll toss an extra $5 on your balance. No fine print. No BS. Just some free money - our little gift to you. GL HF!