MAD Lions have capped their back-to-back phase wins with a successful run through the FLASHPOINT playoffs, getting revenge on MIBR after their upper bracket defeat. Fallen's men looked good value for the win during the series as they won the opening map and ran the score up to 12-3 on the Train decider, but an even better CT side by the Danes ensured that they'd be the ones taking home the $500 000 on offer.

Just a mirage

MIBR got off to a good start in the series, winning the opening map of Mirage, the one they lost on against the same outfit in the upper bracket final. Despite MAD Lions' impressive early displays on the T side, Fallen's men managed to hang on and offered a much better attacking approach in the second half. As is now usual for this side, MIBR couldn't keep things together on Inferno, falling apart on the CT side despite a 11-9 lead, setting up Train as the decider.

Final destination

The first half promised a smooth sailing with MIBR racing to a 7-0 lead and never losing their grip on the half. With 12 CT rounds on the board, FalleN and co. were inches away from the promised land. However, a masterful individual performance by AcilioN coupled with the eventual unraveling of their opponents helped ensure that MAD Lions kept MIBR to just a single T side round as they kept losing their cool in post-plant situations, completing an incredible comeback with three rounds to spare. From 12-1 to 13-16, at the cost of $250 000: MIBR will certainly be feeling that one for a while.