Last updated: April 24, 2023. (added playoff results)

Mobile Legend's Bang Bang developers Moonton are expanding the esports ecosystem in the Philippines with the launch of MDL PH, a development league for professional Mobile Legends and feeder series for the MPL PH season.

The MDL PH is the second MDL after MDL Indonesia, which is now entering its seventh season. The inaugural MDL Philippines season will commence on February 15 and end on April 1, 2023. The playoffs will take place later this year.

It will be exciting to see so many promising talents rising through the ranks to compete and to further witness the exponential growth of the MLBB esports scene in the Philippines. Here is everything fans will need to know about the development league's first season, including the match formats, schedule, and the teams competing.

MDL PH Season 1: Format

Eight franchised MPL Philippines teams and two invited amateur squads will compete for the championship title and the prize pool, which is set to be USD $20,000.

The MDL PH Season 1 will begin with the regular season, featuring a round-robin format where all matches are best-of-three. All ten qualifying teams will fight for a spot in the all-important playoffs, where six teams will advance forward.

The format for the playoffs will follow a single-elimination bracket. The 3rd to 6th seeded teams will compete in Round I. 1st and 2nd seeded teams will recieve a round bye and start in Round II.

MDL PH Season 1: Team List

The ten competing teams have been revealed by Moonton, and it is set to be an exciting tournament with a showcase of talent on display.

Blacklist Academy

Blacklist International have said they want to bring their winning culture to MDL PH season 1, and provide young, talented players with opportunities to compete at higher levels. They believe MDL PH will act as a feeder grassroots platform for future MLBB esports players.

Blacklist Academy's MDL PH players will likely be mentored by the Blacklist International MPL team and the dynamic duo of OhMyv33nus and Wise that previously led Blacklist to the M3 World Championship title.

Blacklist Academy's MDL PH team consists of the following six members:

  • Kyle Soto - "Dominic"
  • Russel Usi - "Eyon"
  • Jakob Seguiran - "Rindo"
  • Steve Nash Calunuran - "Steve"
  • Lee Gonzales - "Owl"
  • Kiel Soriano - "OHEB"

ECHO Proud

ECHO Philippines will feature key participants from their MPL Philippines season 10 roster for their campaign in the first MDL PH season.

  • Jaypee Dela Cruz - "Jaypee"
  • JanKurt Russel Matira - "KurTzy"
  • Johnville Villar - "Outplayed"
  • Renz Adrian Lope - "Seichu"
  • Justine Palma - "Zaida"
  • James Gloria - "Jeymz"

Omega Neos

There is plenty of hype surrounding the Omega Neos, or OMGN, MDL PH roster, with an intriguing combination of seasoned veterans and many promising talents. Kielvj, in particular, has a wealth of experience to bring to the team as a two-time MPL PH champion.

  • Cesar Jefferson Santos - "Amethyst"
  • Kiel VJ Hernandez - "Kielvj"
  • Michael Endino - "MP The King"
  • Jeff Subang - "S4gitnu"
  • Christian Mangabay - "West"
  • Lilflesh Miranda - "Zone


ONIC Philippines revealed their official roster for the MDL PH Season 1. Their team is nicknamed ONIC Arsenals and is filled with some promising talent headed by a long-standing veteran, Rapidoot or Dudut, as their team captain.

  • Ralph Adrales - "Dudut"
  • Sean David Agana - "Deb"
  • Jerry Nicol - "Chovyy"
  • Allec Alvarado - "SN4P"
  • Bert Segovia - "Bert"
  • Wayne Ortiz - "Waing"
  • Jem Lañojan- "Jem"

NXPE Tiger Cubs

Nexplay Esports launched its roster for the first season of MPL PH. Their team will be led by two seasoned players from MPL Philippines season 10, Kzen and LancyCy. The remainder of the squad are members from the organization's rookie B-team, Nexplay Esports 2.0.

  • Lance Walter Cunanan - "LancyCy"
  • Martin Kian Viray - "Sana"
  • Ken Louie Pile - "Kzen"
  • Brian Miles Santos - "Spider-Milez"
  • Jhon Marl Sebastian - "Lord JM"
  • Oscar Romero Jr. - "Sumpak"

BREN Euphoria Esports

Bren Esports unveiled their full lineup for MDL PH season 1 on their official Facebook page.

  • Joshua Ramos - "Ryujin God"
  • Vincent Orogo - "Venogo"
  • John Paul - "Ansaldo"
  • Christian Morada - "Heads"
  • Czedrick Romero - "Yoshinu"
  • Jan Carl Valdez - "Shizou"


TNC Neo is set to showcase its strengths in the augural MDL PH season 1, as they are joined by members of the amateur team Virgin Souls.

  • Mark Laurence Cabigting - "Banting"
  • Justin Ahron Guanga - "xShocker"
  • Keer Vince Recto - "K1d"
  • Joshua Albino - "Mira"
  • Carl Michael Pilapil - "Crown"
  • Kharl Christian Tan - "Banting"

RSG Ignite

Boasting a mix of novice players and experienced veterans, RSG Ignite will feature rising stars like 1rrad and Kousei from RSG Slate Philippines (RSG PH), competing in the MPL Philippines Season 11.

  • Ammiel Menhas - "Evorts"
  • John Tuazaon - "1rrad"
  • John Sumawan - "Perkz"
  • Patrick Ibarra - "rTzy"
  • Clarense Camilo - "Kousei"
  • Arjay Alcano - "Jaaaaaay"

ZOL Esports

ZOL Esports is one of the amateur teams invited to compete in the MDL PH. Their group will be captained by experienced members, Ribo and Iy4knu, with some exciting newcomers thrown into the mix.

  • John Clarence Cabaron - "Milktea"
  • Andrei Nablo - "FOLKMARR"
  • Carlito Ribo Jr. - "Ribo"
  • Joshwell Christian Manaog - "Iy4knu"
  • Ryan Michi Asaoka - "RayL"
  • Lei Archie Labigan - "lei good kid"
  • Luke Andrei Reodica - "Lucas"
  • Mario Chinoval Reodica - "Raizel"


Gamelab has previously dominated the amateur scene and is looking to try its luck in the MDL PH, with many promising talents forming their ranks.

  • Mark Ferry Nazar - "Dokmen"
  • Jermaine Fernandez - "Aizawa"
  • Jan Bradford Amande - "XBOCT"
  • Vincent Brian Montilla - "Takenaga"
  • Masayuki Fujita - "YukTzy"
  • Lance Christian Sibal - "IMBADING"

MDL PH Season 1: Where To Watch and Schedule:

Any fans wanting to watch the exciting events of MDL PH Season 1 can do so through the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page linked here. Every match will also be live-streamed on Mobile Legends: Bang Bang's official YouTube, embedded below.

Here is the full schedule for the MDL Philippines Season 1 - the winners names of each match-up in previous weeks are emboldened for reader convenience:

MDL PH Regular Season 1: Week 1

Day 1 (February 15)

12PM - RSG Ignite Vs. Gamelab

2PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. NXPE Tiger Cubs

4PM - Bren Euphoria Esports Vs. ZOL Esports

6PM - Omega Neos Vs. TNC Neo

Day 2 (February 16)

12PM - Gamelab Vs. ONIC Arsenals

2PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. RSG Ignite

4PM - ZOL Esports Vs. Omega Neos

6PM - ECHO Proud Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

Day 3 (February 17)

12PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. TNC Neo

2PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. ECHO Proud

4PM - Gamelab Vs. ZOL Esports

MDL PH Season 1: Week 2

Day 1 (February 21)

12PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. Blacklist Academy

2PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. Gamelab

4PM - Omega Neos Vs. ECHO Proud

6PM - TNC Neo Vs. ZOL Esports

Day 2 (February 22)

12PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. NXPE Tiger Cubs

2PM - RSG Ignite Vs. ONIC Arsenals

4PM - ECHO Proud Vs. TNC Neo

6PM - Bren Euphoria Esports Vs. Omega Neos

Day 3 (February 23)

12PM - RSG Ignite Vs. ZOL Esports

2PM - Gamelab Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

4PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. Omega Neos

MDL PH Season 1: Week 3

Day 1 (February 28)

12PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. RSG Ignite

2PM - Gamelab Vs. Blacklist Academy

4PM - TNC Neo Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

6PM - ZOL Esports Vs. ECHO Proud

Day 2 (March 1)

12PM - Gamelab Vs. RSG Ignite

2PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. ONIC Arsenals

4PM - ZOL Esports Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

6PM - TNC Neo Vs. Omega Neos

Day 3 (March 2)

12PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. ECHO Proud

2PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. Omega Neos

4PM - RSG Ignite Vs. TNC Neo

MDL PH Season 1: Week 4

Day 1 (March 7)

12PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. Gamelab

2PM - RSG Ignite Vs. Blacklist Academy

4PM - Omega Neos Vs. ZOL Esports

6PM - Bren Euphoria Esports Vs. ECHO Proud

Day 2 (March 8)

12PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. ONIC Arsenals

2PM - Gamelab Vs. NXPE Tiger Cubs

4PM - ECHO Proud Vs. Omega Neos

6PM - ZOL Esports Vs. TNC Neo

Day 3 (March 9)

12PM - RSG Ignite Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

2PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. TNC Neo

4PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. ECHO Proud

MDL PH Season 1: Week 5

Day 1 (March 14)

12PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. Blacklist Academy

2PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. RSG Ignite

4PM - TNC Neo Vs. ECHO Proud

6PM - Omega Neos Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

Day 2 (March 15)

12PM - RSG Ignite Vs. NXPE Tiger Cubs

2PM - Balcklist Academy Vs. Gamelab

4PM - TNC Neo Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

6PM - ECHO Proud Vs. Zol Esports

Day 3 (March 16)

12PM - Gamelab Vs. Omega Neos

2PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. ZOL Esports

4PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

MDL PH Season 1: Week 6

Day 1 (March 28)

12PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. Omega Neos

2PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

4PM - RSG Ignite Vs. ECHO Proud

Day 2 (March 29)

12PM - NXPE Tiger Cubs Vs. ZOL Esports

2PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

4PM - Gamelab Vs. TNC Neo

Day 3 (March 30)

12PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. ZOL Esports

2PM - RSG Ignite Vs. Omega Neos

4PM - Gamelab Vs. ECHO Proud

6PM - ONIC Arsenals Vs. TNC Neo

MDL PH: Playoffs Schedule

April 21 - Quarterfinals

  • 1PM - Blacklist Academy Vs. RSG Ignite
  • 5.30PM - Omega Neos Vs. Bren Euphoria Esports

April 22 - Semifinals

  • 1PM - Gamelab Vs. Blacklist Academy
  • 5.30PM ECHO Proud Vs. Bren Euphoria

April 23 - Grand Final

6PM - Gamelab Vs. ECHO Proud

MDL PH Season 1 Standings

Things are hotting up in the MLBB Development League in the Philippines. Gamelab and ECHO Proud dominated their respective groups. We say goodbye to four teams: NXPE Tiger Cubs, ONIC Arsenals, TNC Neo and ZOL Esports as we advance to the playoffs in the coming weeks. Here are the standings for week 6, the final week of the regular season, of the MDL PH.

Group A

1) Gamelab - 10-3 | 22-8 | 30 points

2) Blacklist Academy - 7-6 | 18-15 | 22 points

3) RSG Ignite - 7-6 | 18-15 | 22 points

4) NXPE Tiger Cubs - 8-5 | 16-15 | 19 points

5) ONIC Arsenals - 5-8 Z 11-18 | 14 points

Group B

1) ECHO Proud - 10-3 | 23-9 | 30 points

2) Bren Euphoria Esports - 7-6 Z 18-15 | 22 points

3) Omega Neos - 3-10 | 8-22 | 9 points

4) TNC Neo - 3-10 | 8-22 | 9 points

5) ZOL Esports - 1-12 | 6-25 | 6 points

More updates are to follow, so keep your eyes peeled as Rivalry updates this page with any further additional information, MLBB betting odds, and upcoming matches.