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May 12th, 2020

There's nothing more exciting in Counter-Strike than a 1vX situation at the end of the round. Can the hero pull off the miracle and save the game for their team after everyone else has fallen? Certain players are much better at this than others, of course - but who is the best? We've asked our panel of CS:GO pros and personalities and they shared some interesting thoughts about the subject...

Who is the most clutch CS:GO player?

Some CS:GO players are just simply better suited to clutch out the round than others. They are the ones who you dread to face as the last man standing, with the uncanny ability to sniff out the locations of your teammates before grabbing all the kills ones by one. But who is the best and the biggest beast at this aspect of the game? Though the fans and the commentators have a lot of opinions on the matter, it's one of those topics where expert opinion tells us a whole lot more. Who is the clutchest of them all according to those who played alongside them on the server? Check out the video and you'll know the details!

The experts also offered their thoughts on the best European CS:GO player, the best support player in the game and discussed the identity of the best AWPer as well – all of them are worth checking out!

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