Who was the MVP of DreamLeague Season 8? It only seems natural to narrow it down to the players in the finals. Who the hell votes for an MVP that finished 3rd or worse? Not us! It's easy to just look at the stats and give the MVP to the guy with the best KDA or XPM/GPM...but sometimes the supports are the guys that really deserve this accolade.


MidOne (Team Secret)

MidOne and the boys from Team Secret went 20-6 in the tournament in route to a 1st place finish, netting a cool $500,000 and 750 DPCs (Dota Circuit Points). He's their mid, they won (one? kappa). Seems like a natural candidate for MVP.

MidOne Stats

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Ace (Team Secret)

Mid players often times get all the glory but Ace boasted a 6.08 KDA throughout his 26 games played. Compare this to the safe lane carry for Liquid, Matumbaman, who had a KDA of 4.94. Matu also sported a 516 GPM and 520 XPM while Ace was at 578/573.

Ace Stats

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YapzOr (Team Secret)

Sometimes position 4 and 5 players are ignored. Home boy finished with over 4 kills per game, under 3 deaths per game, a GPM of 304 and 417 XPM. Compare that to GH, the position 4 player for Team Liquid, who ended up with 15.46 assists per game but with just 2 kills per game, over 7 deaths per game, and only 281 GPM and 365 XPM.

YapzOr Team Secret Stats

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Fata (Team Secret)

How were the stats for Fata when compared to MinD_ContRoL? Fata had a 4.73 KDA while MC was at 3.48. Fata boasted a 409/483 GPM/XPM with MinD_ContRoL came in at 395/458.

Fata stats

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Puppey (Team Secret)

Supports never get any love. Did Puppey crush it on the stat line with almost 5 deaths per game? Nope. Poor guy was operating with just 46 last hits, 287 GPM, and 344 XPM. Bu some of his illusion placements provided vision for some of the biggest battles.

Puppey Stats

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Miracle- (Team Liquid)

They got 3-0’d in the finals but Miracle- still put up some solid numbers, raking in 610 GPM and 636 XPM across the entire tournament. Compare that to the Team MidOne (517/569) or Ace (578/573). Not too shabby!

Miracle- Team Liquid Stats

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Matumbaman (Team Liquid)

Matu moved around a bit in the finals, playing a mid Lone Druid against MidOne’s Kunkka (who went 24-4) in game 1. In game 2, he was back to bot lane with Lifestealer. In game 3, he played the top lane and lost to Fata’s Underlord. You have to applaud the versatility but it’s hard to toss a vote his way when you look at the stats for each of these games.

Matumbaman Stats

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KuroKy (Team Liquid)

KuroKy went 1-20 in game 1, 2-5 in game 2, and 0-9 in game 3 of the finals. Listen…I know it’s not all about KDA but when you’re going 3-34 across a series, it’s unlikely you’re snagging any MVP votes.

KuroKy DreamLeague Stats

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MinD_ContRoL (Team Liquid)

He won the lane in game 1 with Nyx as he paired with a GH KotL against Ace’s weaver. He won the lane in game 2 as he went 9-10 with Phoenix and Matu accompanying him with Lifestealer. In game 3, he went mid with Nature’s Prophet against MidOneon Razor. Tough matchup but he ended the game with the second highest damage on his team and 7-5.

MinD_ContRoL Team Liquid

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GH (Team Liquid)

GH got his KotL in game 1 and won the game against Weaver with Nyx in his lane to help. In game 2, he played a roaming Night Stalker and ended up at 5-12. In game 3, he went 1-10 with Venge. Ouch. We’re as much of a fan of GH as anyone. Hell, we even created a video on why you should ban IO when playing against GH. But it’d be an uphill battle to convince us he’s the MVP of the tournament or finals.

GH Liquid Stats