The 2023 NBA Playoffs are just around the corner! The Golden State Warriors are the current defending champions - will they be able to hold onto their crown? The sixteen best teams will face off in four rounds of action in a best-of-seven series to determine the 2023 NBA champions in the NBA FInals held in June.

The top 12 teams have already qualified for the Playoffs. The teams in 7th through to 10th place will compete in the NBA Play-In tournament, the preliminary stage to determine the final playoff spots for each Conference. The Play-In tournament will commence on April 11-14. The first round of the NBA Playoffs will start on April 15.

Here's everything you need to know about the NBA 2023 Playoffs.

NBA Playoffs 2023: Key Dates

  • April 11-14: NBA Play-In Tournament
  • April 15: First round of NBA Playoffs
  • May 1-2*: Second round of NBA Playoffs
  • May 16-17*: NBA Conference Finals
  • June 1-18*: NBA Finals

(* dates subject to change dependent on results and if there are tie-breakers involved).

How does the NBA Play-In Tournament work?

The No. 7-10 seeds from the Eastern Conference and Western Conference are set to participate in the NBA's third annual play-in tournament.

Each Conference's No. 9 and 10 teams will face off in Play-In brackets, with the winners advancing to play the loser of the No. 7 Vs. No. 8 games. This decides the No. 8 seeded position, the final playoff spot in the Conferences.

NBA 2023 Conference Standings

Eastern Conference

Western Conference

  • No. 1 seed: Denver Nuggets
  • No. 2 seed: Memphis Grizzlies
  • No. 3 seed: Sacramento Kings
  • No. 4 seed: Phoenix Suns
  • No. 5 seed: Los Angeles Clippers
  • No. 6 seed: Golden State Warriors
  • No. 7 seed: Los Angeles Lakers
  • No. 8 seed: New Orleans Pelicans
  • No. 9 seed: Minnesota Timberwolves
  • No. 10 seed: Oklahoma City Thunder

NBA Playoff Picture

TBD once the NBA Play-In tournament has concluded to determine the final slots in the playoffs - watch this space!

NBA Play-in Tournament Schedule

The NBA Play-In Tournament will begin after the conclusion of the 2022-23 NBA regular season and before the 2023 NBA playoffs.

April 11

  • Game 1: Atlanta Hawks Vs. Miami Heat (Winner is East No. 7 seed)
  • Game 2: Los Angeles Lakers Vs. New Orleans Pelicans (Winner is West No. 7 seed)

April 12

The losers of these two games are eliminated.

  • Game 3: Toronto Raptors Vs. Chicago Bulls
  • Game 4: Minnesota Timberwolves Vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

April 14

The two winners of these games are No. 8 seed in their respective Conference. The losing teams are eliminated and misses out on the 2023 NBA Playoffs.

  • Game 5: Loser of Game 1 Vs. Winner of Game 3
  • Game 6: Loser of Game 2 Vs. Winner of Game 4

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FAQs about NBA playoffs

When do the NBA Playoffs start?

The NBA playoffs begin with the Play-In tournament, which will run from April 11-14. After that, the first round of the playoffs starts on April 15. Play will continue until June 1, which is the NBA Finals.

How many teams make it to the NBA playoffs?

Typically 16 teams, the eight teams with the better regular season record from both conferences, make it to the NBA playoffs.

How can I watch the NBA playoffs?

The NBA Playoffs and Play-Ins will be broadcast live on ABC, ESPN, and TNT. Most traditional cable/satellite subscriptions should have packages including these channels so you won't have to miss a second of the action.

How do NBA tiebreakers work?

A tiebreaker comes into effect when two teams have the same record heading into the post season. Often when two teams are tied, their better overall winning percentage is analyzed, alongside their Conference win/loss percentage and better winning percentages in games against each other.

Who are the best NBA players?

The NBA has produced some legendary players over the years, including LeBron James and Michael Jordan as just two of the best NBA players. Giannis Antetokounmpo is one of the league's alpha, winning a championship and Finals MVP award in 2021.