The legendary Polish player’s ill-conceived stint with FaZe Clan came to an end on September 11th as the team failed to even reach the playoffs of the Berlin major. Though his inclusion came as a huge surprise and was never seen as more than a temporary move, and since the team’s results failed to improve during the period while he was given in-game leading duties, it’s likely that a huge overhaul to the roster is coming soon.

In the end, the Berlin major was the fifth and final LAN event for Filip “NEO” Kubski in a FaZe jersey. He was the replacement of AdreN – also in a substitute capacity – over the course of an almost five-month period which saw the team drift from seventh to tenth in the world rankings. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to replicate his old form, and the closest the team got to silverware was a runner-up appearance at the “furniture store” of BLAST Pro Los Angeles in the middle of July.

It remains to be seen whether there’s a further chapter for NEO’s CS:GO career – he was benched by at the end of 2018 and it took two and a half months for FaZe to come knocking. With so many roster changes rumored for the post-major period, there are certainly a lot of other free agents to compete with for attention and a permanent roster spot.

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FaZe themselves are expected to be heavily involved in the process, somewhat stuck in limbo ever since they let karrigan go as the Danish IGL lost the confidence of the team (and most importantly NiKo, their star player). With GuardiaN also rumored to be heading out (and olofmeister’s position also questioned) and players like coldzera and Aleksib potentially slated as replacements, it is very likely that the next FaZe team to appear at an event will be nothing like the one which bombed out of the Berlin major.

 (Photo credit: HLTV)