Up until now, Rivalry has only offered betting on match winners. And you had to place your bet before the match started. Pre-match betting is fun, but so many others have done it and the people want more. We listened to your feedback and have been hard at work creating features to help elevate your betting experience at Rivalry beyond that with 'the other guys'.

We are excited to announce some new ways to get in on the action, guaranteed to take your betting experience from "not bad" to "LETS GO!"

Prop Bets: First Blood, First Tower, Map Winners

If you’re new to gambling you’re probably thinking “what’s a prop bet?” If you’re a wise old veteran, you’re probably thinking “about time, Rivalry!”.

Prop bets (also known as side bets, or propositions) are when you're betting on something other than the winner. These are incredibly fun and allow you to get some action on matchups that are likely to be blowouts. Betting on Fnatic (1.13) to beat some trash team is boring. But what if you could bet on Fnatic to get the first kill, sweep the series 3-0, and win a bit more money? Now we're talking.

The following prop bets are now live and offered on all matches.


  • 1st Round Winner
  • 1st Kill (Map 1)
  • Map winners (in bo3’s)

League of Legends

  • 1st Blood
  • 1st Tower
  • Map winners (in bo3’s)

Dota 2

  • 1st Aegis
  • 1st Tower
  • Map Winners (in bo3’s)

Live Betting

Now that we’ve launched some prop bets, up next will be…*drum roll* Live Betting! Yep, not only will you be able to bet on a winner before the match starts, you'll be able to bet on the winner while the match is being played. Get in on the action right up until the Nexus explodes, Ancient is destroyed or the 16th round is won.

If you’ve never bet like this before you’re going to love it. Betting before the match and then watching is fun, but being able to place bets during the match as things are happening is next level. In-game events like towers falling, pistol rounds being won or barons being taken can completely change the momentum of a game. Live betting is much faster-paced and keeps you fully engaged throughout the match, a big improvement from the ‘’bet it and forget it’’ pre-match options.

Leveling Up

You know those team compositions that scale really well and you know are a ticking time bomb that will wipe your team out in any fight that happens late game? That’s kind of what we’re doing here at Rivalry. We’ve gone through our early game, offering pre-match betting, and now we’re ready to load up on items and start crushing, releasing a bunch of awesome ways to level up your betting experience.

We want to create games that let esports fans compete in a variety of ways. Together as a team, against their friends, against each other. Small games, medium games, large games, massive games. You name it and we’ll have it, our tagline is ‘’Where Competition Lives’’ for a reason!

Cooking Analogy, Rivalry-Style

The biscuits are still in the oven waiting to be shipped. That's right, not only do we offer you amazing betting options, but incredible analogies as well.

For a quick look behind the curtain...the next thing we’re going to be bringing the community is a competition where you can use your knowledge of the pro scenes you love to your advantage. It will be free to enter and you can win real money prizes. Not some gimmick jackpot style contest where randomness and luck decides who wins, but a competitive game where predicting winners and knowing the ins and outs of the pro teams around the world could net you some cold hard cash.

We hope you are fired up for what we’re going to be rolling out, because we sure are! 🚀