It’s not easy to be a Dota fan right now. LA Major? Poof, gone. Fourth Major of the season? Poof, gone. Well, here at Rivalry we wanted to make sure to keep the Dota action rolling despite all the pandemonium in the world, and this is why we’ve helped organize No Major No Problem, an exciting little tournament to make lemonade from all these lemons. Six days of non-stop Dota action, awesome showmatches and great competitors – you don’t want to miss it!

We’ve got the best and brightest of LATAM Dota involved to brighten your day, with FURIA, paiN and others competing for their share of the $6 000 prize pool. Beyond the usual action, we’ve prepared a special Turbo showmatch for the final day of each group stage, a rapid best-of-three with mixed teams featuring players and talent fighting for a bonus. With MissclickTV, BTS_PT and 4D involved with casting and production, you are definitely in for a treat and a fun time.

These are the teams you can look forward to watching at the event:

  • paiN
  • NoPing Esports
  • Infamous.Young
  • Infamous
  • Unknown
  • Thunder Predator
  • Omega Gaming

This is serious business! We’ve got best-of-three matches, GSL groups, a double-elimination bracket and a best-of-five grand final, just like the big boys.

We’ve always had a soft spot for grassroots esports and helping the Dota ecosystem, which is why we’re so happy to be involved with this event despite all the turmoil going on in the wider world. Tune in at or on March 17, 4pm EDT – because even though there’s No Major, there’s also No Problem!