The International just keeps going and going and the DOTA never stops. Some of us already had to watch their favorites go out or they may not have even made it this far. Or perhaps they just don’t have a match to play tomorrow. So what should a fan do? Obviously, we need some 100% legit rationale to support one of the different sides on the stage on the third day of TI9's main event, right? Don’t worry – we’ve put together a list of completely reasonable and absolutely foolproof suggestions if you’re looking for a temporary team!

Cheer on Newbee if…

  • you used to like Forward Gaming
  • you’re dumb and you think they're the same Chinese team that won TI4
  • you can’t stand Infamous (get in line)
  • you’re still pissed off by OG’s arrogant BM yesterday

Cheer on Team Secret if…

  • you think one day full of choking memes was more than enough
  • …and that about covers it

Cheer on PSG.LGD if…

  • you want to believe that group stage performances actually matter
  • you want to see a rematch from the TI8 final

Cheer on EG if…

  • you believe that playing in the main event of The International grants superpowers
  • you liked that cartoony base builder from 2004

Cheer on Infamous if…

  • you’re inca-pacitated
  • you think it’s a bit mach(u picchu) that this segment is full of bad puns

Cheer on Mineski if…

  • you like crazy lower bracket runs
  • you really like kpii or Moon
  • you really really like to meme about Team Secret choking at TI

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Cheer on Vici Gaming if…

  • you can’t tell them apart from the PSG.LGD players
  • you liked how they upset everyone during the regular DPC season
  • you’re a disappointed VP fan who wants to see fy fall

Cheer on OG if…

  • you’re an arrogant bastard
  • you love to BM in pub games
  • you want to see Io again at some point at TI

 #1 and #2 means I should be rooting for OG. How about you?