ARS-ART (aka RuHub.Smile) has discussed the prospect of drug use at The International on his recent stream, suggesting that OG’s players were using Adderall at the recent event in Shanghai.

According to the transcript posted on, ARS-ART linked OG’s showings to performance-enhancing drugs, supposedly introduced by the sports psychologist they’ve picked up from Astralis. Following the community uproar, Ukrainian caster v1lat took to Twitter to downplay the statement – similar allegations were featured on his podcast. The full VOD is now gone from their channel.

It goes without saying that accusations like this, whether they have merit or not, should be directed to Valve rather than aimlessly discussed in public. However, the concept of drug testing in esports will likely be at the forefront of future discussions as the game continues to professionalize over time. ESL’s set their policies about the matter in 2015, FIFA esports introduced drug tests last year. Meanwhile, Valve still doesn’t have an official policy on the matter.