Notail and the boys will not compete in the next major. But OG will.

OG Sign 4 euros 1 merica for their 'Second' Team

While we may be sad to see such an honest and pure team name lost to yet another big corporate giant, but not all good things can last. Unlike bad team names, which seem to last far longer than they should. OG has announced that 4 euros 1 merica will be carrying on the DreamOG legacy for the Dreamleague Leipzig Major / WePlay! Minor qualifiers. They state that they "perfectly know the rules of the DPC system, and everything is thoroughly thought through." They look to give back to the community and support the growth of promising players by providing the tools and guidance they need to grow.

OG's new roster

Between the easter eggs in the video itself and the eager players dropping teasers all over social media, there were a few people guessing at this roster. At least OG didn't make us wait too long for the official announcement. (A few hours is more than fair).

The New OG Squad (OG.Seed)

Peksu - Peksu hails from Finland and was most recently a hard support and a captain (for Team Singularity). He also spent quite a bit of time on Vega, also as a 5 - he will be keeping the hard support role for OG.Seed.

Zfreek - Zfreek is on... not CompLexity? A staple of the North American scene, Zfreek has been the four position for CompLexity since he switched to Dota in 2014. Often revered by analysts as one of the better players North America has to offer, he has finally jumped ship to a new region and a new squad to see if he can take the next step with a new squad.
- Most recently the captain and five position for Godsent, Xibbe is a Swedish player that has competed with The Final Tribe and has yet to crack into the tier 1 event scene after losing to Chaos in the TI9 EU qualifiers. He will be in the offlane for OG.Seed.

Chessie - Chessie is a Swedish player who was previously the mid for Godsent. He originated in HoN with the stayGreen squad that was eventually signed by CompLexity. He has played with Zfreek in the past on CoL and was recently seen as a standin for s4 during TI3 Alliance's appearance in Midas Mode.

Madara - Madara is best (and only) known for his time as the carry for the legendary Greek stack, Ad Finem. They are most notable for their second place finish at the Boston Major. They had a brief resurgence of hope recently at the Summit 11 Minor, but that flared out quickly as they came in last place.

Will this squad learn their jungle items fast enough? With an organization like OG behind them, they have the support and expertise behind them -but they also have a pretty high bar to live up to. Let's see what they can do!