Day 2 of the TI9 main event began with a bang as the reigning champions knocked down Newbee to the lower bracket. IO draft here, insane BM there: OG are potentially only three series away from retaining their title.

Even though OG were the clear favorites for this one, there was reason to expect Newbee to put up a fight, having taken a game off of everyone apart from Team Secret in the groups. The first series' draft surprised most observers as the North American side opened with a Visage pick, letting through Io. OG immediately snatched the opportunity, building a fancy lineup around the hero. It was all over in less than 28 minutes.

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Yeah. Newbee didn't allow this to happen a second time.

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And yet, OG was having none of what they were selling, and recorded a comfortable game 2 win as well, increasing their momentum even further after their pristine group stage run.

Looks like OG's going to continue to amaze!