Notail and the boys will not compete in the next major. But OG will.

OG Hint at a New Roster

OG have dropped the classic announcement of an announcement in a Twitter video hinting at several upcoming changes.

So what can we glean from this video? OG was pretty straightforward about everything except who the new roster will be. Sockshka smacks down his notes and hands the coaching duties over the N0tail - with all other TI winning OG members noticeably absent. The end text informs us that the TI8 and 9 winning stack would not be competing in the second major... but OG will. We had our FBI van do the standard analysis for hidden clues and noticed the following:

  • Multiple white hoodies, should we expect some new merch? Or did a couple of the new players have white hoodies as merch on previous teams?
  • Tennis ball on the desk next to N0tail - has the team been bonding with exercise? Or is it a stress ball? Could C0chtail be stressing everyone out?
  • Kinguin logo on the wall - so likely an EU stack currently bootcamping in Poland
  • Sockshka is playing CSGO - will he be coaching their not yet announced CSGO squad?
  • Ana + either a top tier Io drawing or a sun in the notes (Secret TI9 winning strats have been leaked here, clearly)
OG TI winning strats

With the ex - Kuro stack staying strong with their questionable branding choices and most of the strong European teams claimed by sponsors - is there an unsponsored stack that OG is signing? Or will we see OG buy a contract from an existing team?