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May 23rd, 2020

The legendary Swedish player has published a statement via FaZe Clan's Twitter account, announcing a break from Counter-Strike due to fatigue and a loss of motivation.

The writing on the wall

After a string of disappointing individual showings, it seemed like the writing was on the wall for olofmeister despite FaZe Clan's improved results and performances in the recent events they've participated in. The legendary Swedish player's fragging prowess in 2020 was a far cry from what they were in the past, and he's just announced that he'll be stepping away from CS:GO as a whole for the time being due to longstanding issues relating to fatigue and burnout.

The golden submarine: how FaZe snuck back to the shores

The travails of CS:GO players

Recently, Astralis' gla1ve has decided to take step down from the team's active roster due to burnout concerns and Vitality's ALEX has also decided to leave his team due to the stresses of constant travelling. Of course, olofmeister has already taken an extended leave from FaZe Clan's roster in April 2018 due to personal reasons, and though his performances never reached the heights he hit in 2015, he remained a useful cog in the machine until the tail end of last year, with a major nosedive in 2020.